Online Courses

Michigan Technological University offers a number of online courses and programs. To help ensure that we are providing the best education to online students as possible, Michigan Tech requires that those responsible for providing online instruction are appropriately trained and that courses meet, or exceed, a set of baseline standards rooted in research.

Michigan Tech distinguishes between courses initially designed to be taught online ("online courses") and courses that have to be taught online temporarily due to external factors ("remote courses").

Basic Standards

Online Courses

Instructors and facilitators of online courses must demonstrate that they have training in the development, delivery, and assessment of online courses, as well as proficiency with the learning management system in use at Michigan Tech (currently Canvas).

Peer reviews of courses will be conducted using a rubric designed to facilitate widely accepted best practices (currently Quality Matters).

Remote Courses

These are courses that were initially designed for face to face instruction but moved online due to temporary external factors. To help ensure quality student engagement, remote courses will contain some regular synchronous component.

Training requirements for Remote Instruction are met through a focused training covering the currently supported technologies for synchronous conferencing, learning management system, and video platform. This training is offered through the CTL.

Qualified Instructors

The following faculty have been recognized as meeting Michigan Tech's qualification standards for online/remote instruction:


  • Instructors / Facilitators that meet training requirements by passing Michigan Tech's ED5101: Foundations of Online Teaching or by completing the CTL Remote Instruction training, will automatically be added to the list of certified instructors.
  • Those that meet the requirements through already approved, or similar (but not yet listed), courses or training programs must send evidence of training completion in order to be added to the list. Evidence may be submitted using an online form:

    Qualification Submission Form

  • The provost's office will send an annual memo to the cognizant dean and department chair regarding course review.
    • The unit will submit a plan to the provost's office for reviewing all online courses. 
    • Upon notification from a review team that a course was determined to have met minimum standards, that course will be added to the list of courses that have met or surpassed review standards.
    • Note: course reviews may also be initiated at any time at the request of the instructor. The instructor should work with their chair or college dean to arrange the review.