Materials Science and Engineering—BS

Create Innovative Products that Touch Lives

Fuse your creativity and interest in materials to mold a rewarding career. A bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering (EMSE) will prepare you to create and innovate products that touch our everyday lives: prostheses, automobiles, mountain bikes, computers, cell phones, and more.

Science and Engineering on Many Scales

At Michigan Tech, explore a wide variety of materials ranging in scale from the nano- to the macro, and take an active role in their development and production. Find out what controls the properties, behaviors, and performance of metals, plastics, ceramics, biomaterials, electronic materials, and more.

Materials scientists work at the forefront of technology, applying physics, chemistry, and biology to compose new products—many of which have the potential to greatly improve quality of life. These professionals have contributed to major scientific breakthroughs including

  • New materials that allow energy conversion for a cleaner environment
  • Artificial skin for burn victims
  • Nanotechnologies that make computers smaller, faster, and more economical
  • Tough new composites that enable mountain bikers to climb higher and faster
  • Microscopic silicon chips that rewire themselves to conform to users’ needs
  • Medical diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging

Review the educational objectives and student outcomes for the BS in Materials Science and Engineering.

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