Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Processing and Fabrication

Metal Casting (Foundry)

Metal Casting (Foundry)

The foundry facility supports metal-casting activities, primarily focusing on aluminum and iron. Michigan Tech is one of only a handful of education institutions nationwide that have retained an in-house foundry. Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, research staff, and Enterprise teams use the facilities for educational and research purposes. In addition, the University provides casting services to select industry partners.

Specialized lab equipment includes

  • Die Caster
  • High Vacuum Induction Caster
  • High Pressure Induction Melter
  • Arc Melter
  • Melt Spinner
  • Directional Solidification and Crystal Growth
  • Induction Melting
  • Vacuum Induction Melting
  • Extrusion Press
  • Rolling Mill
  • Hammer Swage
  • Wire Drawing

Contact: Paul Sanders
Location: M&M Building 107

Microfabrication Facility

Microfabrication Facility

The Microfabrication Facility, managed by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is a member of the Michigan Tech Materials Characterization and Fabrication Facilities. Lab activities include micro- and nanoscale research and development of solid-state electronics, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and microsystems materials and devices.

Contact: Paul Bergstrom
Location: M&M Building 436

Other Labs and Equipment Location Contact

Deformation Processing

Powder Processing
  • Powder Mixing, Powder Compaction, Cold Isostatic
  • and Hot Isostatic Pressing, Mechanical Alloying
M&M Building 531 Paul Fraley

Hot Vacuum Isostatic Press


Inert Atmosphere Processing


Thermal Processing and Heat Treatment

M&M Building 530 Paul Fraley
Machine Shop
  • CNC Machining and Welding/Joining
Microwave Processing    

Particulate Separation


Photovoltaics and Solar Cells