Pouring melted metal into a mold
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We exist to assist faculty and university units in the establishment of new materials processing capabilities, improving facility functionality, and maintaining existing facilities across campus.

Institute of Materials Processing (IMP)

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Institute of Materials Processing (IMP) is a university research center with the mission of supporting the materials processing infrastructure on campus as a faculty resource for research, teaching, innovation, and outreach.

IMP Capabilities

The facilities support a wide range of University activities, including production of advanced and experimental materials for faculty-led research, advanced process development, support of instructional labs, interdisciplinary collaboration, and outreach.

When coupled with the University's core Microfabrication Facility (MFF) and the Advanced Characterization and Morphological Analysis Laboratories (ACMAL), Michigan Tech's suite of material processing and complementing characterization facilities, represent an impressive breadth of capabilities enabling advanced in-house experimentation, discovery, and development at a level and scale that is unique among universities nationally and internationally.

pouring liquid metal into cast

Melt Processing


Facilities that support melting and casting of metals; including simulation, molding, pattern making, melting, and analysis capabilities for alloy development and prototyping.

deformation machine

Deformation Processing


Facilities that enable thermomechanical processing of metals, including several deformation techniques, heat treatment, and finishing capabilities.

Particulate (Powder) Processing machine not currently turned on

Particulate (Powder) Processing

Ceramics and Metals

Facilities to support processing of powder-based materials; including blending, canning, sintering, consolidation, and heat treatment.

3D metal printer shooting sparks while printing something

Metallic 3D Printing


Additive manufacturing of metals is possible, with methods under development.

Working in the microfacrication shared facilty

Microfabrication Shared Facility (MFF)

Facilities that support processing of materials at the micro- and nano-scale, and development of solid state electronics, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), lab-on-a-chip, and microsystems materials and devices.

looking at screen for fiber reinforced polymer composites

Polymer Processing


Facilities for the processing of polymers and polymer-based composite materials.



Metal 3-D printed items including fish and a Husky Statue.