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ICC Achievements and Recognition

ICC Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards and Recognition



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ICC Achievement Awards

Presented to outstanding ICC faculty members for their contributions to the mission of the ICC, MTU, and the broader scientific community. Three ICC faculty members received this honor in 2022: Sidike Paheding (Applied Computing; ICC Center: Data Sciences): for achievements in research in out-of-this-world deep learning and cybersecurity, Kelly Steelman (Cognitive and Learning Sciences; ICC Center: Human-Centered Computing): for achievements in collaborative, interdisciplinary research, and mentorship and support of junior faculty, and Xiaoyong (Brian) Yuan (Applied Computing and Computer Science; ICC Centers: Cybersecurity and Data Sciences): for achievements in research in heterogeneous architectures for collaborative machine learning.

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Dean's Teaching Showcase 

Each week of the spring semester, college deans identify outstanding instructors within their units for recognition in the Deans' Teaching Showcase.


In 2023, Guy Hembroff (Applied Computing; ICC Centers: Cybersecurity and Biocomputing and Digital Health) and Tony Pinar (Electrical and Computer Engineering; ICC Center: Data Sciences) were selected for the Teaching Showcase.


For 2022, three ICC members received this honor: Briana Bettin (Computer Science and Cognitive and Learning Sciences; ICC Centers: Human-Centered Computing and Computing Education), Jeremy Bos (Electrical and Computer Engineering; ICC Center: Data Sciences), and Samantha Smith (Cognitive and Learning Sciences; ICC Center: Human-Centered Computing). 

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Michigan Tech Distinguished Teaching Award

Since 1982, this award has been presented annually in two categories: Associate Professor or Professor and Lecturer, Professor of Practice, or Assistant Professor. Briana Bettin (Computer Science and Cognitive and Learning Sciences; ICC Centers: Human-Centered Computing and Computing Education) received this award in 2022 for her devotion to student learning and novel style of teaching. 

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In 2023, Yu Cai (Applied Computing; ICC Centers: Computing Education and Cybersecurity) and Guy Hembroff (Applied Computing; ICC Centers: Cybersecurity and Biocomputing and Digital Health) were announced as Distinguished Teaching Award Finalists. 

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Provost's Award for Sustained Teaching Excellence

In order to provide special recognition to instructors who have been nominated as finalists for the Distinguished Teaching Award four or more times, the Provost's Award for Sustained Teaching Excellence was established beginning in the spring of 2020. The Provost and Deans recognized that instructors consistently delivering exceptional instruction to their students over many years are worthy of special recognition. ICC member Jeff Wall (Management Information Systems, College of Business; ICC Centers: Cybersecurity and Human-Centered Computing) was one of two instructors to receive this honor in 2022. 

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The Bhakta Rath Research Award

The Bhakta Rath Award, founded in 2010, provides over $2,000 to a graduating Michigan Tech Ph.D. student and faculty advisor “who have done something valuable for American industry and society,” encouraging faculty and doctoral students to conduct research that meets the nation’s needs and the challenges of emerging technologies. 

Jingfeng Jiang (Biomedical Engineering; Director for the joint ICC-HRI Center of Biocomputing and Digital Health) and PhD student Kevin Sunderland were awarded the Bhakta Rath Award for 2022 for their work with with a team of neurosurgeons, biomedical engineers and radiologists on a novel, computer-aided method to better manage the response to unruptured brain aneurysms. 

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The Gartner Prize

Associate Professor Kuilin Zhang (Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering and Computer Science; ICC Center: Cyber-Physical Systems) and Ph.D. student Yintong Tan (Civil Engineering) were presented with the Gartner Prize in 2023 by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) ACP50 Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Committee.

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Student Awards and Recognition

MTU RedTeam students and Bo Chen, (Computer Science; ICC Centers: Cybersecurity and Cyber-physical Systems), were commended for their prestigious efforts during the National Cyber League (NCL) fall 2022 competition season in a recent letter from the NCL to Dennis Livesay, Dave House Dean of Computing.    Students on the MTU RedTeam, coached by Chen and Professor Yu Cai (Applied Computing; ICC Centers: Computing Education and Cybersecurity) participated in several individual and team-based NCL events in fall 2022.


Hoda Hatoum's(Biomedical Engineering; ICC Center: Biocomputing and Digital Health) students were awarded the following in 2022: 

PhD students Brennan Vogl and Alireza Asadbeygi were awarded the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation student awards ($3,000 each). Brennan Vogl was awarded the DeVlieg Foundation Fellowship and the HRI Fall Fellowship. Alireza Asadbeygi was shortlisted as a finalist for 2022 ASME-BED/SB3C Student Paper Competition PhD-level at the SB3C 2022 conference. 

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Recognitions in Publications and Conferences

Briana Bettin (Computer Science and Cognitive and Learning Sciences; ICC Centers: Human-Centered Computing and Computing Education) won best paper at Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) 2022 Conference. Linda Ott (Computer Science) and Julia Hiebel are co-authors. (Read the paper)

Ricardo Eiris (Construction Management, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and College of Business; ICC Center: Human-Centered Computing) and collaborators were awarded the Runner-Up for Best Paper distinction at the 58th Annual Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) International Conference in April, for the paper titled "Virtual Collaborative Spaces for Online Site Visits: A Plan-Reading Pilot Study.”

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Staff Making a Difference awards

Amanda Stump (Associate Director, ICC) received the Rookie Award for contributions in the first two years of employment. 

Peter Larson (Assistant Vice President for Research Development) received the Legacy Award for contributions over his years at Michigan Tech. 

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