GLRC/ICC Rapid Seedling Research Funding

The Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC) and Institute of Computing and Cybersystems (ICC) are excited to continue the Rapid Seedling Research Funding Opportunity into 2025. Together, the GLRC and ICC are committing funding in rapid seedling research grants for projects conducted Fall semester 2024, Spring semester 2025, and Summer semester 2025. The intent of this opportunity is to provide faculty and research staff funds for idea development and data collection that will quickly feed into larger externally sponsored funding requests.

Eligibility: Proposals will be accepted from Michigan Tech tenured, tenure-track, and research faculty; and research scientists and engineers. Any individual researcher is eligible to receive up to one award per calendar year as a Principal Investigator (PI). Co-PIs are allowed on proposals and are not restricted to a single submission per calendar year.

Awards: Awards will be announced within 1 month of the funding cycle deadline. Projects should have a duration of one semester. Awarded amounts per proposal will not exceed $10,000. Funding for each award will be deposited into a unique index and expenditures must adhere to the University research guidelines for spending and the budget outlined in the proposal.

Terms and Conditions: Upon funding notification, Awardees will be required to submit a formal budget using the Sponsored Programs Budget Preparation Worksheet. A two-page final report is due within 30 days of the conclusion of the award period. The report should summarize the research findings and outline next steps and plans for subsequent proposal submissions to externally funded programs. The final report must include an accounting of how the award funding was used. Any unexpended funds will be returned to the GLRC and/or ICC. Awardees must be an affiliated member of the GLRC and/or ICC and are expected to assign a Center/Institute of the GLRC or ICC to any proposals and awards generated using the data developed/enabled with the rapid seedling funding.

Required Element Description Limits
Application Cover Sheet Identifies important information for award processing (fillable PDF) 1 page
Abstract 300 word narrative describing your project for a non-technical audience. 300 words
Narrative Include a description of your project, your rationale, what makes this project novel, and your anticipated impact in terms of benefit to society. 3 pages
References List all references cited in the narrative. NA
Seedling Next Steps Describe how the results of the seed grant will be used to: secure additional externally sponsored research, including the names of agencies and funding programs; contribute to interdisciplinary ideas; and include a timeline for proposal development.  Consider using a graphic or table. 1 page
Budget Include a budget table showing costs by major budget category. Salary* and tuition expenses are not allowed in the budget. Hourly wages, such as for students, are allowed. The budget is not subject to Indirect Costs. Cost sharing is not required but proposers may discuss the leveraging of other resources in their budget justification. (*Minimal professional/technical staff salaries are allowed if justified.) 1 page
Budget Justification Provide a justification for each budget category listed in the budget table. For equipment, include a current vendor quote. 1 page
PI/Senior Personnel CV(s)   CV must be developed and submitted using output directly from SciENcv. 3 pages per CV

Application Formatting: Single-spaced, 12-point font with 1-inch margins. 11-point font may be used for formulas, equations, figures, tables and diagrams. Include a bottom centered page number. Letters of support are allowed, but not required. Submit the entire application, including the application cover sheet, as a single sequentially numbered PDF file to by 11:59 PM EST/EDT of the due date for each funding cycle.

Funding Cycle Due Date (note due date may fall on a weekend) Award Notice Made
Spring award cycle October 1 November 1

Summer award cycle

February 1 March 1
Fall award cycle June 1 July 1

Merit Criteria: Proposals will be reviewed and awarded by GLRC and ICC leadership based on the following criteria:

  • Proposal demonstrates sound scientific merit
  • Proposal is well written, organized and complies with the listed application formatting and page limit requirements
  • Proposal objectives are achievable within the 1 semester period of performance
  • Proposal budget is realistic based on the proposed work to be performed
  • Proposal demonstrates adherence to the Rapid Seedling Research Funding Opportunity intent: 1) to develop data or new knowledge, 2) products are of interest to external sponsors and funding programs, and 3) demonstrates high probability of leading to multidisciplinary research.

Questions will be addressed by emailing