Art in Silico Event Graphic

Art in Silico

Art in Silico is a computational art exhibition and event series that examines the expressive world of creative computation and the confluence of technology and art, connecting circuit board to canvas.

As technology pervades our existence, forming new universes—metaverses—in which we can live, act, and perceive, the spaces between the conventional science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and the creative arts have shrunk to the infinitesimal. Art in Silico celebrates the continuum of arts and STEM, seeking to hack your mind and STEAM your brain to experience a world in which data are compelling, evocative, provocative, ugly, beautiful, and appealing.


1st C. McCarthy
MML Power Quantizer

2nd Steven Senczyszyn and Kathryn Summersett
Tonal Eclipse of the Art: In Silico Polyphonic Exploration with Carbon Nanotubes

3rd Meg Raasakka and Mary Kozmor
Genesis Nexius

 The first two years of Art in Silico has raised over $2,400 in donations which was split between MTU Mush Fund (dedicated to student conferences, travel, and research), the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and the Copper Country Community Arts Center to continue arts opportunities, cultural enrichment, and park development in the Keweenaw Peninsula. 

The Orpheum