Faculty & Student Travel Grants

What are Travel Grants?

Faculty and student travel grants are available for those within the ICC to attend conferences in which they present their research. These grants cover allowable expenditures, such as Food, Conference Feeds, Lodging, and Travel

Student Travel Grants

Applicants may request up to $750

Student Travel Grants as of June 2024 now involve the submission of an abstract and budget. Please review the guidelines on the Student Travel Grant form for further instructions on this process.


  • Your advisor is an ICC member
  • You are attending a conference or other scientific meeting to present research
  • You haven't reached the limit of travel grants. (Students are limited to one award per fiscal year, and are limited to 1 over the course of an undergraduate or MS degree. 2 travel grants are allowable during the pursuit of a PhD)
  • You do not have an previous unresolved/unpaid travel grant already open
  • You have not attended the conference yet.


  • Submit this form along with the abstract and budget
  • Include the ICC in any oral presentations (by mention) or posters (logo on poster)


  • See deadline table below for quarterly deadlines. In addition to these dates, travel grant applications must also be submitted at least 1 week in advance from the date of the conference attendance.

Faculty Travel Grants

Applicants may request up to $1,000

Submit Here

Fiscal Year Deadlines for Submission

Semester Deadline
Summer 2024 June 21, 2024
Winter 2024 December 7, 2024
Spring 2025

March 14, 2025

Summer 2025

June 20, 2025

In addition to these deadlines, travel grant applications must be submitted at least one (1) week prior to conference attendance

Past Travel Grant Recipients