Why leadership?

Are you ready to challenge yourself, work effectively on diverse teams, and achieve your goals through life-changing courses, projects, mentorships, and experiences? You don't need to be a "natural leader" to add leadership components to your pathway. Just like any other field of study, our leadership curriculum is designed to build on your interests and develop your skills. You'll learn, you'll practice, and you'll repeat. 

Consider adding leadership to your pathway if...

  • You're interested in the goals and motivations of individuals and teams
  • You love group projects or you know you need to improve your group project skills
  • You'd like a boost towards a management-track position after you graduate


Alumni on Leadership

 [Pavlis] was really helpful in helping me mature as a leader and understand the dynamics between people.

Watch how Brad is using his Pavlis skills on the job

Brad Turner
Brad Turner '17
Roundtable discussions at the D80 conference

Leadership components

In Pavlis, you design success with pathway components that fit your interests. Possible leadership components include:

  • Immersion experiences like shadowing a leader on campus or in industry for a semester, taking a project-lead role through an internship, or working with leadership of a local community organization
  • Academic enhancements like the leadership minor
  • Honors experiences like taking a leadership role on a special project for a student organization, creating a new student org, or identifying the need for and leading a passion project
  • Leadership and mentorship experiences like mentoring others through LeaderShape, serving as a Pavlis peer mentor or learning facilitator, volunteering in the local community 
Balance Confidence and Humility

'Recognize your strengths and limitations and fulfill your personal need to grow in leadership and followership.'

Good leaders need to be confident enough to make decisions and humble enough to seek input from their teams.