Areas of Focus

If you knew you'd be spending four days at Yellowstone National Park, what would you do?  Map out every step of every day? Wing it based on the weather and your mood that morning? Focus on one thing, like hiking or fishing, or try a little of everything?

Choosing an area of focus is like planning a trip. For some, it'll be mapped out from day one. For others, exploration is part of the fun. Similarly, while each pathway consists of five components that will help you learn, create, and lead, every pathway varies based on the student.

It's always handy to look at some maps before you start a journey. Here are some current areas of focus that we've seen from other students. Your pathway may follow one area of focus, combine multiple areas, or be completely unique. Health care? Autonomy? Law school? Follow your passions until you reach your destination.

Wait, what about pathways?

You hear established honors students or alumni use the term "pathway" in a more specific sense—they're Research Pathway, Community Engagement Pathway, etc. The areas of focus used to be known as pathways, and students would to complete every component within one of five pathways, or create a custom pathway. While some appreciated the extra guidance, others found it a little confining. So we're phasing out pathways, and bringing in areas of focus. 

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Alumni spotlight

Serve as an Orientation Team Leader. Work as an athletic trainer. Create a student organization for future health professionals. Take advantage of all the opportunities Michigan Tech has to offer and use them to build a pathway, like Pavlis graduate Adison Cook.

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Adison Cook
Adison Cook '20