Design Your Own Path

The Pavlis Honors College experience includes a combination of courses, experiences, and mentorship—to help you make the most of the opportunities available to you at Michigan Tech. Community service? Starting a business? Studying abroad? Taking a co-op? Taking a leadership role in your favorite student org? Each of these can apply towards your honors components. And the best part? You can decide which experiences are a part of your path, complete the honors program, and still graduate on time.

Pavlis Has What You're Looking For

Applying to the Pavlis Honors College provides a fantastic opportunity to engage in a dynamic and enriching academic experience that goes beyond traditional coursework. The college is known for its emphasis on experiential learning, community engagement, and fostering innovation. By joining the Pavlis Honors College, you would have access to unique research projects, collaborative initiatives, and real-world applications of your studies.

For instance, the college might offer you the chance to work closely with esteemed faculty members on cutting-edge research projects related to your field of interest. This hands-on experience could deepen your understanding of the subject matter and provide you with practical skills that are highly valued in both academic and professional settings.

Moreover, the Pavlis Honors College's focus on community engagement means that you could be involved in projects that have a positive impact on society. Whether it's through service-learning projects, community partnerships, or interdisciplinary collaborations, you could be part of initiatives that address real-world challenges and make a difference in the lives of others.

Additionally, being a part of the Pavlis Honors College will open doors to networking opportunities, where you can connect with like-minded peers, faculty, and professionals in various industries. These connections could lead to mentorship, internships, and even potential job opportunities down the line.

Go Beyond GPA

You're here to escape your comfort zone, grow, and redefine what success means to you. That's why grades aren't an artificial barrier at the Pavlis Honors College. Sure, we expect excellent academic effort. But you can't let worries about not getting an "A" hold you back. Our students are powered by a collective, fearless desire to impact the world; to be open to the totally new and unfamiliar; and to form communities and relationships that are inclusive and productive.

Overall, the Pavlis Honors College offers a well-rounded educational experience that combines academic insight, hands-on learning, and community involvement. If you're excited about pushing your boundaries, making meaningful contributions, and preparing for a successful future, apply today.

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"Pavlis is very different from the average honors college. Pavlis's curriculum is based on gaining connections, learning about yourself, and acting with purpose. It is well suited for people who love to learn, especially outside the classroom. My honest advice - join, challenge yourself, and embrace change. "Victor Wiesen, Pavlis Honors Student