Spring Career Fair

How does Pavlis define success?

Pavlis Honors College at Michigan Technological University redefines honors education because student success is more than GPA. Here at the PHC, students are inspired to lead, create, and travel their own path with the personal and professional tools needed to collaborate, learn, and reflect. They become the next generation of scholars who make a difference.

In order to graduate with distinction from the Pavlis Honors College, students choose a pathway and complete the following five components: seminar courses, academic enhancement, immersion experience, project experience, and a leadership/mentorship experience. Pavlis graduates leverage all opportunities available to them at Michigan Tech, furthering their personal and professional growth.  

  • Seminar Courses build personal and professional development skills necessary to complete the other program components.

  • Academic Enhancement are upper division credits that complement the student's career goals. These typically consist of a minor, dual major, accelerated masters, or a certificate.
  • The Immersion Experience stretches students outside their "comfort zone" - could be volunteer work in a foreign country, teaching underrepresented students, or a challenging internship or co-op.
  • The Project Experience is a distinct project created by the Pavlis Honors College student and informed by a Project Mentor. The projects are as diverse as our students!
  • Leadership and Mentorship puts what the student has learned into action. Prior to the experience, students document their expectations and then upon completion, capture their learning through reflection.

Michigan Tech's industry partners are encouraged to ask our Pavlis Honors College students what their Honors experience has meant to them!  Pavlis students often display the Pavlis Honors College "green flag" on their name tag at Career Fair, and may be active in undergraduate research, the Husky Innovate, or the Enterprise Program. If you have questions or would like more information about the Pavlis Honors College email us at honors@mtu.edu.