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Honors Timeline Walk Through

If you're a current Michigan Tech student with at least four semesters remaining, you're eligible to join the Pavlis Honors College. We recommend enrolling in the Honors Pathway Program during the second term of first year, or during your sophomore year, to give you the most scheduling flexibility.

  • If you're an incoming first-year student, you can apply for early admission, learn more about the honors program, start planning your personal goals, and meet our faculty and upper-level Honors students.
  • If you have less time remaining until graduation but are passionate about your goals, please make an appointment  to discuss your interests and accomplishments with a Pavlis Honors College advisor.

Recommended component order

While there is flexibility in the order in which you complete your components, we've built the seminar courses to inform you about upcoming components. We'd like you to complete your components with at least one semester remaining so you can focus on graduation and your next steps.

We recommend taking your components in roughly the following order:

Or, map out a custom plan with the guidance of the Student Program Coordinator, Kristi Juntunen. 

Pavlis tip

You won't plan your pathway alone! Our program coordinator, faculty members, honors advisors, and peer mentors will help guide you through your honors experience.

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