Enhance Your Path

Pavlis and Michigan Tech offer a number of ways to enhance your path. Add depth to your path through the Honors Program by taking on the NAE Grand Challenge. Add miles by including a study abroad, study away, or other global opportunity.

Study Abroad, Global Opportunities, and Study Away

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In Pavlis, we are continuously developing new ways for you to have new experiences that will fit your interests, your course schedule, and your budget.

A global experience or study away will give you the opportunity to see the world and discover yourself while gaining knowledge of another culture, and in many cases, hone your language skills. You'll also stand out among your peers as you apply for jobs or graduate programs.

Global options

Global options can range from a week to a year. Study abroad, find an international internship, conduct research overseas, or collaborate on an international community service project.

Study away

If staying closer to home is more your style, try a study away experience around the United States, where you live and learn in a setting that is culturally different from your home—no passport required.


To assist you with your planning, Pavlis offers travel scholarships exclusively for honors students, and we can help you identify other resources to assist with the cost of your global experience.

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Be sure to mention your interest to your advisor and we will connect you with opportunities that align with your goals.



NAE Grand Challenges Scholars Program

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Contribute a piece to solve the world's grand puzzles—become a Grand Challenges Scholar.

In the Grand Challenges program, you'll work with a faculty mentor to plan and execute a mission that will address one of 14 Grand Challenges. You'll also expand your education beyond the classroom, explore interdisciplinary courses, gain a faculty mentor, receive recognition from the National Academy of Engineering, and graduate from the Pavlis Honors College. You do not need to be an engineering student to become a Grand Challenges Scholar.

About the NAE Grand Challenges Scholars program

The Grand Challenges Scholar Program is an individualized, multidisciplinary program meant to prepare future engineers and leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges facing the world. In the last century, many great achievements became so commonplace that they are now a part of the fabric of much of the world. Electric grids. Global supply chains. Safe food and drinking water. As remarkable as these achievements are, more grand challenges and future opportunities remain to be realized. An international group of leading technological thinkers were asked to identify the Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st century, falling into four cross-cutting themes: sustainability, health, security, and joy of living. 

How to apply

  1. Join the Honors Program
  2. Tell your advisor that you'd like to become a Grand Challenges Scholar
  3. Execute your mission
  4. Become a National Academy of Engineering-recognized Grand Challenges Scholar
Learn Deeply

'Satisfy curiosity, discover passion, and ignite imagination over your lifetime.'

Your work as a Grand Challenges Scholar could lead to a career that you love—or a solution that could solve a global problem.