Pavlis Honors College

Undergraduate Research Workshop Series

Finding a Research Mentor

Are you interested in conducting research? Not sure how to locate a faculty member to work with? Join Dr. Lorelle Meadows, Dean of the Pavlis Honors College, for an interactive discussion of how to find and approach a faculty member for a research position. In addition, learn about paid research internship opportunities at Michigan Tech and beyond.

Dates: TBD. Usually offered in the fall semester.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Workshop

SURF is a research fellowship program that offers undergraduate students a $4000 stipend to work for 10 weeks on research on campus in the summer. Applications are open to all Tech undergraduates who have at least one semester remaining after the summer. 

Dates: TBD. Offered in December and January in anticipation of the application season.


Research Poster Practice Workshop

Join us for a lightening round of research presentations. Practice your poster talk and get valuable feedback.

Date: TBD. Offered in the spring in anticipation of the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Van Pelt and Opie Library also does some sessions throughout the academic year - check their schedule for more details.