Pathway Components

Your pathway requires five components for recognition at graduation from the Pavlis Honors College. These components will differ according your personal goals. You don't have to have your pathway perfectly planned from the start! In fact, we encourage you to reflect on each step and adjust your plan as you learn more and refine your goals and interests. Our seminar courses and your advisors and mentors will help you select your components as you go.

The Honors Pathway Program is structured to not add extra time to your graduation timeline. Work with the component advisors early to make sure the things you're doing for the fullest college experience—internships, coursework that interests you, volunteering, mentoring, etc.—will apply to your honors curriculum.

The pathway components are:

  • Three one-credit seminar courses to form a solid foundation
  • An academic enhancement to broaden your expertise and complement your long-term goals
  • An immersion experience to sample a possible future as you develop your own world view
  • An project experience that will help your forge your own legacy, make an impact, and produce a deliverable that will make your resume stand out from the rest
  • A leadership and mentorship role to pass your skills on to those who come behind you—and prepare you to lead in the future

When your pathway is complete, you'll have honors recognition on your transcript, the skills to design the life you want, skills in communication, leadership, project management, and your area of focus—assets that employers are seeking.

Pavlis tip

You can complete the honors pathway program in as little as four semesters, but we recommend starting as early as possible to give yourself a little extra time and flexibility.

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