Pavlis Honors Abilities

The honors abilities are a set of competencies that you will develop as an honors student. They were established by the college in collaboration with individuals from industry, small business, academia, public service, non-profits, and startup companies who are alumni, entrepreneurs, innovators, coaches, corporate executives, artists, and humanitarians. We all agree that to prepare yourself for life after graduation and to excel in whatever role you imagine for yourself, these nine abilities are the key. 

Be Open to New Experiences

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Learn Deeply

Satisfy curiosity, discover passion, and ignite imagination over your lifetime

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Welcome Challenge

Move intentionally outside of your comfort zone, take risks, celebrate success, and learn from failure

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Embrace Ambiguity

Become comfortable with uncertainty and...

Build Relationships

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Communicate Empathetically

Understand and adapt by listening across differences and contribute your story with respect and humility

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Engage in Mentorship

Accept and value shared guidance and knowledge, and fulfill this need for others

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Value Diverse Perspectives

Engage with others to exchange perspectives, synthesize ideas, and exhibit compassion

Be Authentic

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Know Yourself

Build self-awareness through reflection, listening, and experience

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Balance Confidence and Humility

Recognize your strengths and limitations and fulfill your personal need to grow in leadership and followership

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Act With Purpose

Seize opportunities and pursue goals with purpose, creativity, and integrity. 


Pavlis Honors Abilities Chart