Lorelle A. Meadows

  • Dean of the Pavlis Honors College


  • STEM Education Research
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Service-Learning
Jim Baker

Jim Baker

  • Associate Vice President for Research Administration


  • Intellectual property/patents
  • Technology licensing
  • Corporate research
  • Spin-off/start-up business development
Richard Berkey

Richard J. Berkey

  • Professor of Practice
  • Director, The Enterprise Program
  • Advisor, Supermileage Systems Enterprise


  • Corporate/Industry Sponsorship
  • Product Development
  • Program Management
  • Lean / Six Sigma / Design for Six Sigma Methodologies

Will H. Cantrell

  • Professor, Physics
  • Director, Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Institute (EPSSI)
  • Director, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)


  • Atmospheric Science

Laura Kasson Fiss

  • Research Assistant Professor, Pavlis Honors College
Zachary Fredin, PE

Zachary D. Fredin, PE

  • Enterprise Program Coordinator


  • Product Development
  • Student Engagement
  • Project Sponsorship and Donations
Paige Hackney

Paige Hackney

  • Director of College Administration
  • Pavlis Honors College

Links of Interest


  • Budget management
  • Competitive scholarship process management
  • Pavlis program planning/coordination

Kari B. Henquinet

  • Director, Peace Corps Master's International Programs
  • Director, Peace Corps Prep Program
  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences

Areas of Expertise

  • International/transnational development
  • Faith-based development
  • Gender
  • Human rights
  • Global service learning
  • African studies (Niger)
Kristi Juntunen

Kristi Juntunen

  • Staff Assistant


  • Event planning and coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Travel and program support
Amy Karagiannakis

Amy Karagiannakis

  • Manager of Marketing and Digital Content


  • Student engagement and onboarding
  • Pavlis Honors College application and admissions process
  • Pre-admission student outreach and communications
  • Website and social media
  • Marketing and recruitment
  • Event planning and coordination
  • Pavlis Honors Ambassadors
  • Pavlis Learning Community Pathways and Components
Mary Raber

Mary Raber

  • Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Pavlis Honors College
  • Director of Global Leadership
  • Co-Director of the Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship


  • Engineering Education Research
  • Leadership Development
  • Program Management
  • Product Development Process
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Startup
Joseph Thompson

Joseph H. Thompson

  • Associate Director, Industry Engagement


  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Product Development
  • Foundation/Corporate/Alumni/Nonprofit Project Sponsorship
  • Student Engagement Strategies