Research student working with lasers.

Research Programs

The Pavlis Honors College manages multiple research programs that are open to undergraduate students. These opportunities give students the chance to engage in interdisciplinary projects and research opportunities that will push the boundaries of their knowledge and ignite their love for learning.

Undergraduate Research Internship Program


The Undergraduate Research Internship Program (URIP) is a competitive academic year internship from October through March amounting to $1600. Interested students from any school or college should identify a mentor and work in collaboration to propose a research or scholarship project. Interns are provided professional development opportunities and are required to present findings of their projects at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in mid-March. 

Research Experience for Undergraduates


Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) is a program dedicated to equipping undergraduate students with the appropriate funding and mentorship to pursue research of topics from various fields, mainly focusing on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship


The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) is a competitive 10-week summer research internship for students from any school or college. Applicants should identify a mentor with whom they collaboratively propose a project. Interns are awarded a $4,000 summer stipend and provided professional development opportunities during the summer. In addition, they are required to present their findings in a public forum of their choice. Applications are due the first Friday in February.

Additional Research Opportunities


There are numerous ways undergraduate students at Michigan Tech can get involved with groundbreaking research. There are paid, volunteer, and for-credit research opportunities across all colleges and majors—all of which can can add enormous value to your undergraduate experience.

Watch Logan McMillan, Research Scholars Pathway video
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Logan McMillan, Research Scholars Pathway

"I joined research right away… I worked in a research lab, I’ve done SURF and REU, I've worked on medical devices, looking at cures for diabetes and sickle cell, I’ve done quite a few things… here, you are not just a number."Logan McMillan