Honors Program

What's your "why?" Michigan Tech is the place to build an extraordinary life fueled by curiosity, grit, and entrepreneurial spirit. The Honors Pathway Program is an ambitious challenge to do even more with the resources Michigan Tech can provide. Honors students are creating their own curriculum, making room for collaboration, and defining success in their own ways. They're launching satellites, helming startup businesses, leading social change, performing undergraduate research, and more.

Early admission for incoming first-year students

If you're coming to Michigan Tech in the fall semester, there's a place waiting for you in our early admission program! Meet students from every major. Learn more about how to make your time at Tech fit your goals and interests. Academic? Entrepreneurial? Athletic? Adventurous? Pavlis has a place for you.



"Large companies such as Goldman Sachs and J. Walter Thompson both cited that instead of hiring students with Ivy League diplomas, there is an emphasis on hiring self-driven individuals who show 'an entrepreneurial spirit,' according to a Goldman Sachs spokesperson. Successful hires at JWT are 'innovative problem-solvers' and 'have awareness to other people and cultures.'"

What Employers are Looking for in Recent College Grads," Forbes