Community Engagement

Make a difference in your community—local, national, or global

If you are interested in community development, service learning, Peace Corps Prep, and/or civic engagement, consider adding community engagement components to your pathway. Focusing on community engagement will prepare you for a career in public and professional service, international and community development, and/or a lifelong commitment in any profession to be an engaged and responsible citizen.

Consider adding community engagement to your pathway if...

  • You enjoy volunteering and seeing its impact on individuals, environments, and society 
  • You're interested in government and public policy
  • After graduation, you'd like to work with the Peace Corps, the government, or be mindful of the local and global impacts of decisions you'll make within your field

Peace Corps Prep Certification

Align your community engagement curriculum with U.S. Peace Corps requirements to earn a Peace Corps Prep certificate at graduation to use in your Peace Corps application. Michigan Tech is an official partner university with Peace Corps for this program and therefore tightly aligns requirements with skills and experiences desired by the U.S. Peace Corps. This certification will differentiate you from other applicants if you decide to apply for Peace Corps. The Peace Corps Prep certificate is also a prestigious addition to your resume, especially in fields such as education, health, environmental work, appropriate technologies, public service, and international and community development. 

Meet a Community Engagement Student

 "I think [community engagement] is an important thing as a forester. So even if I don't get into education, it will benefit my forestry career."

Meet Pavlis students who are making a difference in their communities—locally and globally.

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Addie Saltarelli
Community Engagement
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Community Engagement  Components

In Pavlis, you define success with a pathway that fits your interests. Add community engagement components such as:

Immersion experiences like volunteering for an organization domestically or abroad

Academic enhancements like a minor in pre-health professions, public health, diversity studies, leadership, law and society, or global and community engagement programs

Honors experiences like designing signs for a nature trail, leading a voter registration drive, or creating an oral history of someone who made a difference in the lives of others

Leadership and mentorship experiences like leading a group in a non-profit organization or mentoring a Little Brother or Sister

Value Diverse Perspectives

'Engage with others to exchange perspectives, synthesize ideas, and exhibit compassion.'

Connect with others to develop custom solutions and better local, regional, and global communities—and yourself.