Undergraduate Research

Why undergraduate research?

Join a community where curiosity drives discovery. Adding research to your pathway will connect you with faculty and students conducting cutting-edge research at Michigan Tech and beyond. Be the first to know about opportunities for research both on and off campus. Build your professional skills by conducting, presenting and publishing your own research while gaining hands-on experience that will prepare you for graduate school or a career in research and development.

Consider adding research to your pathway if...

  • Labs are your favorite part of class
  • You'd rather be a subject matter expert than a generalist in many fields
  • After graduation, you'd like to go to graduate school or work in research and development
Meet an Undergraduate Researcher

"I've made medical devices. I've worked on cures for diabetes and sickle cell. I've made medical devices to deal with those diseases. I've done quite a few things!"

Learn more about Logan's research and why she loves her major.

Logan McMillan
Logan McMillan


An overhead of the research symposium

Undergraduate research components

In Pavlis, you define success with a pathway that fits your interests. Adding research to your pathway could include:

Immersion experiences like the Undergraduate Research Internship Program (URIP), Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), or other research opportunities on- and off-campus 

Academic enhancements like a minor in your field of study or an overview of how a different major approaches the same topic

Honors experiences like presenting research at a university or national conference, publishing papers and journal articles, or documenting the undergraduate research process for future students

Leadership and mentorship experiences like assuming a leadership role in your lab or engaging in STEM outreach

Learn Deeply

'Satisfy curiosity, discover passion, and ignite imagination over your lifetime.'

Do you want to cure cancer? Or what's the "curing cancer" of your chosen field? Researchers go deep to discover more about the specific things that really interest them.