Pavlis Honors College

Global Leadership Pathway

The Global Leadership Pathway inspires and prepares Michigan Technological University students to become leaders who challenge themselves, work effectively on diverse teams, and achieve their goals through life-changing courses, projects, mentorships, and international experiences.

Practical Experience

Classes focus on topics such as understanding yourself as a leader, how to lead different types of people and in different situations, effective teamwork and cultural awareness. This knowledge is put into practice through the planning, leading, and implementing of community projects, both home and abroad. 

Not Your Typical International Experience

The highlight of the Global Leadership Pathway is a 5-week international experience during the summer between the student's third and fourth years to one of our project sites in Ghana, India, Tanzania, Brazil, and Senegal. While there, students must use the skills they have developed to successfully complete meaningful projects that will have a positive effect on the local community. At the same time they can immerse themselves in a different culture, make new friends, and gain new perspectives and insights along the way.

This experience is unique in that it is student led. There are no professors or advisors present to direct the students' efforts as they figure out how to navigate through a very different culture. Whether it's making new contacts, finding and buying project supplies, implementing project plans, or making sure they don't get lost in a new place, students will have to apply their leadership skills and work together as a team in order to succeed.

The Global Leadership pathway was formerly known as the Pavlis Institute for Global Technological Leadership.

How to Apply