Pavlis Honors College

Community Engagement Pathway

If you are interested in community development, service-learning, Peace Corps Prep, and/or civic engagement, consider applying for the Pavlis Honors College Community Engagement Pathway.  In this pathway, you prepare yourself for a career in public and professional service, international and community development, and/or a lifelong commitment in any profession to be an engaged and responsible citizen.

Want to read about what Pavlis students have done through the Community Engagement Pathway? Kemin Fena spent a summer volunteering with a non-profit in Lima, Peru. Laura Schimmel is preparing for service in the U.S. Peace Corps after graduation.

Peace Corps Prep Certification

Align your community engagement curriculum with U.S. Peace Corps requirements to earn a Peace Corps Prep certificate at graduation to use in your Peace Corps application.  Michigan Tech is an official partner university with Peace Corps for this program and therefore tightly aligns requirements with skills and experiences desired by the U.S. Peace Corps.  This certification will differentiate you from other applicants if you decide to apply for Peace Corps.  The Peace Corps Prep certificate is also a prestigious addition to your resume, especially in fields such as education, health, environmental work, appropriate technologies, public service, and international and community development. 

How to Apply