Computational Science and Engineering—PhD

What you'll work on

Understand scientific and engineering challenges. Realize the computational theories and methods behind the solutions. Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) at Michigan Technological University is a PhD program engaging faculty and students in interdisciplinary research and teaching, focusing on computational aspects of science and engineering.

Sample Areas of Interest

  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Chemistry
  • National Defense
  • Weather Forecasting

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Who you'll work with

More than 24 faculty from around the world that publish in top-tier journals, bring in thousands of research dollars, and partner with the government and private companies.

Faculty Spotlight

Jeremy Bos

Jeremy P. Bos

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Too few sensors, too much data, way too fragile."

A variety of problems use sensors and processing via electronics and computers to make references about the world. Remote sensing, autonomous vehicles, and robots operating in unstructured environments collect data with sensors. Much of this data is redundant, not useful, or discarded. Bos' research involves exploring novel sensing modalities that operate reliably and safely by collecting only the necessary data.


Where you'll work

The Computational Science and Engineering Program at Michigan Tech has two main components: the non-departmental CSE PhD program and the Computational Science and Engineering Research Institute (CSERI). The CSERI serves the PhD program and the entire research community at Michigan Tech. This multidisciplinary program facilitates the application of methods and techniques from the fields of computer science and mathematics to emerging problems in sciences and engineering.