Graduate School

Computational Science and Engineering—PhD

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Fast Facts

  • Participants in the CS&E program currently share the largest concentration of computational resources available at Michigan Tech
  • Projects include Hewlett-Packard UPC technology development project, earth and space sciences support for NASA high performance computing and communication program, retrieval of chlorophyll in concentration in using SeaWiFS satellite data, evolution of non-evaporating fuel sprays

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Graduate Program in Computational Science and Engineering

Computation oriented research has become an integral part of almost all sciences and engineering research and the role of the scientists.

The Computational Science and Engineering Program at Michigan Tech has two main components: the non-departmental CSE PhD program and the Computational Science and Engineering Research Institute (CSERI). The CSERI serves the PhD program and the entire research community at Michigan Tech. This multidisciplinary program facilitates the application of methods and techniques from the fields of computer science and mathematics to emerging problems in sciences and engineering.

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