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VISTA, AmeriCorps, and Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Programs

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Fast Facts

  • Michigan Tech began their VISTA partnership with the Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement VISTA Teams in 2012. The program has expanded and now includes Conservation Legacy, the Great Basin Institute, and the Peace Corps Coverdell Program.
  • Accepted students will participate in  VISTA or AmeriCorps service at a location in the United States coordinated through one of the three current partnerships.
  • Upon completion of the program students can earn a master's degree in either Applied Ecology, Biological Sciences, Civil Engineering, Environmental and Energy Policy, Environmental Engineering, Forestry (both MS and MF), Geographic Information Science, Geology, or Industrial Archaeology.

VISTA and AmeriCorps Master's Programs

The VISTA and AmeriCorps Graduate Programs combine academic study with supervised, practical field experience and research.

After completing a program of on-campus academic work (typically one academic year) and a short VISTA or AmeriCorps pre-service orientation, students then serve as VISTA or AmeriCorps volunteers. After completing their service, students return to Michigan Tech for one additional semester to complete their degree requirements.

Michigan Tech grants VISTA tuition status to students in the VISTA and AmeriCorps Graduate Programs. Tuition and fees are paid by Michigan Tech while students are serving in VISTA or AmeriCorps.

Learn more about positions through Conservation Legacy.

Learn more about positions through the Great Basin Institute.

AmeriCorps/VISTA requires members to be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident alien. You must meet this requirement to apply for this program.

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Programs

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are eligible for the Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Programs. These programs follow the same structure and format as the VISTA and AmeriCorps programs except that, as Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, the Fellows receive the National Service Graduate Fellowship rather than VISTA tuition status.

Programs Offered