Master's Path


Some colleges and universities outside the US offer a three-year bachelor’s degree and a five-year master’s degree. After obtaining the three-year degree in their home country, many students would like to go abroad to pursue a high-quality master’s degree, gain international experience, and perfect their English. The Michigan Tech Master’s Path Program allows students who have completed a three-year bachelor's program outside the US to pursue a master’s degree directly, rather than requiring they first complete a bachelor’s program at a US institution. The Master’s Path Program is offered in more than twenty disciplines in the sciences, engineering, forestry, communications, social sciences, and business.

Application Process

Students apply for graduate admission using the international form, specifying “Master’s Path.” Applications must be approved by both the department chair or college dean and by the Graduate School.

Suggested minimum admissions criteria for Master's Path programs are:

  • Completion of a recognized three-year degree in an appropriate area
  • Statement of purpose and official transcripts
  • Three letters of reference
  • Adequate academic achievement in pursuit of the three-year degree
  • GRE/general test results, if required by graduate program,
  • Proof of English proficiency TOEFL (at least 550 written, 213 computer-based, or 79 internet based) or ILETS (a score comparable to TOEFL requirements)

Master’s Path Curriculum

Students who hold a 4-year bachelor’s degree are required to take at least 30 semester credits beyond the bachelor’s for their master’s degree. Students entering the Master’s Path Program with a 3-year bachelor’s degree will be required to take additional credits depending on their preparation in the chosen field of study. The transcript of each accepted student is reviewed by the graduate program, which delineates the specific course requirements needed for completion of the master’s degree.

Based on the specific Michigan Tech degree program, the student’s focus, and the transcript review, a set of bridge courses, required in addition to the 30 credits, is defined. Courses on the student’s transcript that have been taken beyond the requirement of their 3-year bachelor’s degree may be evaluated for transfer into the master’s curriculum. Bridge courses are integrated into the Master’s Path curriculum, which is normally completed within 24 months. Students typically will take a mix of graduate and bridge courses during their first one or two semesters. Students in the Master’s Path Program may take an hourly, salaried job on campus during their first semester of residence, provided it does not slow progress toward their degree. (A limited number of hourly research, teaching, and service jobs are available.) Following the successful completion of their first semester, they may, at the discretion of their advisor, be eligible for a research and/or teaching stipend.

Students may use the Master's Path course planning form to assist them in degree planning.