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MAGS Excellence in Teaching Award

The Midwestern Association of Graduate School annually solicits for the Excellence in Teaching Award in recognition of graduate students who exemplify excellence in the teaching/learning mission of the member universities. Michigan Tech may nominate two students; one each at the master's and doctoral level.

The details below are for the 2019 competition.  Details are subject to change for future competitions.

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Eligible students

  • will have been enrolled at Michigan Tech during the 2018-19 calendar year and have a teaching appointment
  • will have earned the Michigan Tech Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award
  • will have an excellent teaching portfolio and student evaluations


Each program may nominate one MS and one PhD student by submitting:

  1. A letter of support from the department head (please note any departmental honors awarded to this student for excellence in teaching)
  2. A current curriculum vitae for the nominee
  3. The nominee's Teaching Portfolio.  Please use the following Headings and limit to six double spaced pages (total) using 12 point font and submit as a single PDF file. The point values indicate the weighting placed on each item by the MAGS review panel.
    1. Statement of Teaching Philosophy (10 points)
    2. Evidence of Instructional Design, Innovation, Delivery, Course Management, and Student Learning (25 points)
    3. Teaching in Action Video (10 minute maximum; 25 points)
      • YouTube video with embedded link. See instructions from MAGS.
      • Please note that a variety of teaching settings may be used for the video including but not limited to lecture, facilitated discussion, lab, etc. as appropriate to the course; focus is on the quality of teaching/learning, e.g. student engagement, enthusiasm, and knowledge of subject matter, rather than expertise in creating the video
    4. Student Evaluation of Teaching (20 points)
      • Please indicate courses taught as a graduate student at this institution, number of students, instructional responsibility, and a summary of student evaluations
    5. Evidence of Scholarship in Teaching/Learning (10 points)
      • Publications/presentations or grant proposals submitted/funded which focused on teaching/learning
      • Evidence of how pedagogical research informs your teaching
    6. Evidence of Effective Student/Colleague Mentoring (5 points)

Nomination packets are due January 9, 2019 to Debra Charlesworth in the Graduate School via e-mail or campus mail. Eligible students with a complete nomination packet will be evaluated by a panel of faculty from the University.


Recipients of the MAGS Excellence in Teaching Award will receive:

  • A $750 honorarium.
  • A citation given at the Annual Meeting.

 Past Recipients