Frequently Asked Questions

Are departments required to use the purchasing card for their purchases of $5,000 or less (including shipping & handling)? 

The purchasing card is a more convenient and efficient way of ordering items that cost $5,000 or less (including shipping and handling), with the exception of items appearing on the prohibited items list. The Purchasing Department encourages departments to place their own order by using the purchasing card. Purchases under $200 may still be covered by petty cash.

How are purchasing cards obtained? 

Fill out the purchasing card agreement form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and return it to the Purchasing Department.

How long will it take to receive the card? 

Allow two weeks.

Can the purchasing card be used for personal purchases if the department's account is reimbursed for the charges? 

No, and as noted in the Michigan Tech Purchasing Card Agreement, non-adherence to this procedure will result in the revocation of the individual cardholder's privileges.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen or I suspect fraud? 

Notify Elan at 800-344-5696 first, and then contact the Purchasing Department at 906-487-2510. If you suspect your card was stolen on campus, notify Public Safety and Police Services at 906-487-2216 as well. The department is responsible for any and all unauthorized use. When you receive your new card, add it to your Access Online account. If someone else needs access to your card, contact the Purchasing Department at 907-487-2510, and they will add it to that person's Access Online profile.




Purchasing Card Suspension or Revocation

Credit Card Reallocation on the Access Online (Axol) Website