Purchase Order Requisitions

A purchase order is a contractual agreement between Michigan Tech and a vendor.

Purchase order requisitions should be used for the following:

  • Purchase of goods and services (for more information see the Procedures Manual)
  • Items prohibited for purchase with your purchasing card
  • Vendors who won’t take credit cards
  • When you need help with a quote or bid
  • When you need help determining which vendor to use
  • Encumbering a purchase

All purchase requisitions must be approved by the appropriate financial manager before the purchase is made. See Approval Policy.

Finance Self-Service Purchase Requisitions

Many purchases can be made using the finance self-service requisition. The form is similar to the paper requisition, but with some shortcuts.

For instructions on using the finance self-service requisition, see written instructions Finance Self-Service Purchase Requisition Instructions.

To start using the finance self-service requisition, complete the access request form: Finance Self-Service Purchase Requisition Access Request. We will give you access on the mirror test database. Once you have completed a requisition on the test database, we'll review it and then give you access to do requisitions on the production database through Banweb.