Sales Tax Exemption

Sales tax exemption is to be used exclusively to make purchases for use by Michigan Technological University and is not for personal use by individuals, faculty, staff, or students.

MI Certificate of Exemption 
Instructions: Open the pdf; fill in the vendor name and date of purchase; print to pdf and save; provide copy to vendor 

The University's MI Sales Tax Exemption Certificate does NOT apply when business is conducted outside of MI.

As an institution of higher education, the University may also realize Sales and Use tax exemptions in other states. This would apply to events you are planning in another state, or if you need to purchase goods and/or services from a vendor located in another state in which the goods and/or services are delivered and used in that state.

The University has been granted sales tax exempt status in the states listed below:

Exceptions to tax-exemption

  • The University is not exempt from Food and Lodging Tax on hotel rooms and meals. Exceptions to this rule apply to catered meetings and events, which fall under Sales and Use Tax. Note: MI hotels will usually honor sales tax exemption when presenting the PCard and MI Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate.
  • The University is not exempt from other taxes associated with catered meetings and events, such as City Tax, A/V Equipment Tax, Entertainment Tax, etc.
  • The University is not exempt from airline taxes.

Reimbursement for taxes

  • Michigan Tech is exempt from paying sales and use tax. Therefore these taxes are generally not reimbursable to an individual who has used personal funds for purchases.