Andrew J. Storer

Andrew J. Storer


  • Dean and Professor
  • PhD, Forest Entomology, University of Oxford
  • MA, St. Anne's College, University of Oxford
  • BA, Pure and Applied Biology, University of Oxford

Areas of Expertise

  • Forest insect ecology
  • Insect/fungus/plant interactions in forest ecosystems
  • Impacts of exotic species on forest ecosystems
  • Interactions among fire, insects and disease in forests
  • Urban forest health

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Mercader, RJ, DG McCullough, AJ Storer, JM Bedford, R Heyd, TM Poland and S. Katovich. 2016. Estimating local spread of recently established emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis, infestations and the potential to influence it with a systemic insecticide and girdled ash trees. Forest Ecology and Management 366:87-97.

Brockerhoff, EG, M.Dick, R. Ganley, A Roques and AJ Storer. 2016. Role of insect vectors in epidemiology and invasion risk of Fusarium circinatum, and risk assessment of biological control of invasive Pinus contorta. Biological Invasions 18: 1177-1190.

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