Martin F. Jurgensen

Martin F. Jurgensen
"Soil is the basis of all terrestrial life."


  • Research Professor
  • PhD, Soil Science (Microbiology), North Carolina State University
  • MS, Silviculture, State University of New York
  • BS, Forestry, State University of New York

Nothing in Moderation

When I was an undergraduate forestry student, I wanted to manage forests in a sustainable manner to benefit society and future generations. However, my graduate studies and subsequent research activity showed me that to maintain healthy forest ecosystems you have to manage the soil.

My teaching and research program emphasizes the interaction of plants, animals and soil, and how they impact forest ecosystem productivity and sustainability. All students in my classes and working on my research studies learn “not to treat soil like dirt”!

Links of Interest

Areas of Expertise

  • Forest soil productivity, management and sustainability
  • Global climate change impact on soil biology
  • Organic matter decomposition and ecosystem nutrient cycling