Multidisciplinary, Real-world Project Experience on Campus

Enterprise is a capstone option and more.

Michigan Tech's exclusive Enterprise program aims to connects students and industry through open-ended, real world client sponsored projects. Students enroll in one of over 20 Enterprise teams across campus that cover a variety of technical focus areas. Teams design using industry-recognized CAD/CAE software packages in dedicated Enterprise Team spaces while collaborating on cloud-based, real-time messaging and file-sharing platforms. Students of all majors are represented across Enterprise. Faculty members act as mentors while industry experts from a myriad of sectors serve as client/mentors, helping students make the transition from campus to early career.

Sample Focus Areas

  • Off-road Competition Vehicle
  • Spark Ignition Snowmobile
  • Affordable Race Car
  • High-efficiency Supermileage Systems
  • Metallic Systems Testing
  • Aerospace Mission
  • Alternative Energy Development
  • Security
  • Composite Materials for Snowboards
  • Infrastructure and Waste Management
  • Consumer Product Innovation
  • Outdoor Recreational Equipment
  • Carbon Footprint Management
  • Human Health
  • Global and Grand Challenges
  • Planetary and Extreme Environments
  • Open Source
  • Robotics
  • Defense Technologies
  • Wireless

Participate in Enterprise


Students may take ENT courses as early as their first semester.


The Interdisciplinary Enterprise Minor is for those in a major where Enterprise is not built into the curriculum.

Honors Pathway

Enterprise is one of the areas of focus for students designing an Honors Pathway.


Many engineering programs offer an Engineering Enterprise Concentration option.


Engineering majors select Enterprise or Senior Design for their final project. See your major sample plan to stay on track.

"Michigan Tech is a part of it, and can boast a consistent path for students into careers in satellite design and the aerospace industry. That is a testament to what Dr. King and the students have built since the Aerospace Enterprise began."Casie (Applin) Wolak '04, mechanical engineering alumna