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As a service to our faculty and students, we compile requests for proposals, award/fellowship/workshop announcements and many other kinds of opportunities our Opportunities for Engineering Students and Postdocs blog.

Vice President for Research

VP for Research

Research expenditures at Michigan Technological University have nearly tripled in the last two decades—and now total more than $69 million. The Vice President for Research provides leadership and support to ensure that this growth continues.

The VP for Research offers faculty researchers help in identifying potential funding sources, proposal writing, and submission. The office also provides support for developing budgets and complying with federal and state regulations.

The vice president’s office particularly supports efforts to tie together research programs with undergraduate and graduate education and with community, government, and industrial partners.

Office of Innovation and Commercialization

Office of Innovation and Commercialization

The Office of Innovation and Commercialization (I&C) facilitates connections between Michigan Tech's research capabilities and industrial partners. Michigan Tech currently holds more than 97 active patents.

Engineering Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty Locator

The graduate faculty consists of members of the academic faculty who have been appointed by the dean of the Graduate School. Only graduate faculty members are eligible to teach graduate courses (5000 level and above), serve as examining members on master's and PhD committees, and supervise master's and PhD students.

Undergraduate Research in Engineering

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research introduces you to the possibilities of a research path at Michigan Tech and beyond. Our goal is to nurture interest in engineering research and help students who are looking for a challenge gain awareness of the vast opportunities available to them right on campus. You can begin working with a faculty mentor on a research project as early as their freshman year. Research opportunities are wide-ranging.