Incoming Students

Dates to Remember

Orientation Week August 22– August 27
Classes begin Monday, Aug. 30

Fall 2021 incoming students:

Transfer Students:

EE & RE Advisor: Judy Burl, or
CpE Advisor: Liz Fujita,
Fall schedules will be initially entered by Judy or Liz after all your transfer credits have been processed, or you can register online, yourself. Contact Judy or Liz to ensure you are registered in correct starting courses.
Send in an official copy of your transcript as soon as possible (to MTU Admissions), right after course completion.  If you completed a programming course, send the syllabus to to request possible CS (Computer Science) credit. If you have AP credit - have your AP scores sent to MTU Admissions asap.

First-year Students and Freshmen & Transfer Students with less than 30 credits:

Your initial course schedule will be available after mid-July in MyMichiganTech. Course schedules are determined based on your ACT, SAT or ALEKS math score, unless you have transfer or AP credit for an MTU equivalent math course. The Registrar's Office will schedule your ‘Cohort' courses: Math(MA), Engineering(ENG) and Chemistry(CH) or Physics(PH), in mid-July.

All New Students:

Computer Engineers:  Take the CS knowledge assessment before you arrive, preferably in June. The purpose is to place students in the appropriate programming course, CS1121 or CS1131. You may continue to review and practice, then re-take the assessment during orientation week if you wish. Email Dr. Leo Ureel to gain access to the assessment, If you have AP or transfer credit for CS1121 or CS1131, do not take this assessment.

Electrical Engineers and Robotics Engineers: CH 1150/1151, University Chemistry is a required course. Carefully choose the correct starting chemistry course for you. If you are not well-prepared for CH1150/1151, take CH1000 first. A chemistry course will be scheduled for you. You may switch to the correct Chem course for you during orientation week or during summer - Send an email to to switch your chemistry course. Include your first and last name, and your student ID number (M#).

Electrical Engineers who are considering a Computer Science minor or a double-major with Computer Engineering - take the CS Knowledge Assessment in summer or during orientation week.

Precalculus - if you are not ready for calculus

If you begin in a pre-calculus math course, view suggested fall schedule for students starting in MA1120.  MA1120 (and MA1032) students will take ENG1001 in fall, then ENG1100 in spring in lieu of ENG1101. MA 1030 students will have similar fall schedule, but no ENGineering course. MA1030 students will take ENG1101 in semester 3 with Calculus I, MA1160/61.

See math placement webpage or email if you have questions.

More on the Chemistry Decision

Read here to select the correct Chemistry course for you. We strongly urge students to register for their appropriate chemistry course during or before Orientation Week. CH 1153 is optional recitation section, (strongly recommended) for a weekly review and practice of chemistry problems. Take CH 1000 prior to CH 1150/1151/1153 if you are not yet well-prepared for University Chemistry.

CH1150/1151 may count in math/science electives for Computer Engineers.

If you have a learning disability, and wish to learn about accommodations, contact 906-487-2212 or email Dr. Christy Oslund at It is best to be informed before or soon after you arrive. 

HASS Requirements (Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts electives)

First-Year students can take a General Education Core -Critical and Creative Thinking or Social Responsibility & Ethical Reasoning course, or a lower-level HASS course, if you wish to add more credits to your fall schedule. Ensure your course choice is on one of these lists. Contact your academic advisor before or during Orientation Week to add a class.

E-mail Judy or Liz if you have questions:

New students will have an academic advising meeting in the first semester to review details of the program with your academic advisor and plan for the scheduling of spring 2022 classes.

Double-major: Students planning a double major – Ex: CpE/EE and EE/RE - Double-major flowcharts will be available Orientation Week. EE majors who are considering EE+CpE, should take the CS Knowledge Assessment. You may officially add a double-major after the first semester begins or later. 

Read and get to know the General Education Core & HASS lists.

Orientation FAQS

Study abroad - explore the possibilities.

Schedule of Classes - practice finding courses offered by semester. The Schedule of Classes is found on the Prepare for Registration webpage, a great page to become very familiar with.



Contact Judy Burl at or leave a message at 906-487-2232. 
Contact Liz Fujita at or 906-487-1160.

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