Future Transfer Students

What should I take before I transfer?

Advice for students planning to transfer from another college to Michigan Tech's Electrical Engineering (EE) or Robotics Engineering (RE) or Computer Engineering (CpE) degree program:

Calculus I and II are important prerequisite courses and may affect graduation semester. In many cases, it is better to transfer after one year (or even 11⁄2) rather than two.

It is best if you can have Calculus I and Calculus II complete by the time your transfer to Tech. When ready, linear algebra and/or differential equations or Multi-variable Calculus (Calc III) would be good.

If you transfer here after two years elsewhere, you may want to start in summer and 'catch up'. Summer courses begin in early May.

Suggested courses to take before you get here:

MA 1160 Calculus I
MA 2160 Calculus II
PH 1100 + PH 2100 – University Physics I – Mechanics (Calculus based)

Robotics Engineers and Electrical Engineers - CH1150 and CH1151, University Chemistry. If you are not well-prepared for University Chemistry, you should take an introductory chemistry course first. University Chemistry is a good choice math/science elective for Computer Engineers.

Computer Engineers** – CS 1121 and if available, CS 1122 - Intro Computer Programming I and II (using java)

Robotics Engineers and Electrical Engineers** - CS1111 - Introduction to Programming in C/C++ Have your college C/C++ course evaluated for MTU Computer Science (CS) Department credits. This course is mostly C programming with one week of C++.

**"C" or "java" programming course - check with the Transfer Office if the course can transfer in for a "CS" (computer science)  course rather than an "ENG" (Engineering Fundamentals) course (ENG1101). CS credit is preferable to ENG1101 in many cases.

Check the Michigan Tech Transfer Equivalency System for your college courses. If they are not listed here, request a course evaluation by sending the syllabus to our Transfer Services Office at transfer@mtu.edu.

You can also take anything equivalent to the following, before you get here:

UN1025, Global Issues (upper-level language course may replace UN1025)
UN1015, Composition
General Education Core and HASS
CH 1150 & CH 1151 Used in math/science electives for CpE's

PH1200 and PH2200
ENG 1101 or ENG 1102

What courses should I avoid?

Read the Core and HASS requirements before choosing general education courses. At least six credits of HASS must be level 3000 or higher. Do not take too many lower level courses - try to take one from each list.

Do not take 'college physics' (algebra based) equivalent to Michigan Tech’s PH 1110, PH 1210. These credits will not apply to engineering majors.

Contact the ECE undergraduate advisors if you have questions: eceadvise@mtu.edu.

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