CS Programming Skills Assessment Test

The Department of Computer Science at Michigan Tech has an introductory course sequence which is CS 1121, Introduction to Programming 1, taken the first semester, and CS 1122, Introduction to Programming 2, taken the second semester. The courses are taught in Java and they assume no prior experience writing computer programs. 

If you have some programming skills and experience (e.g., Java, Python or C++, etc.), you might find the introductory courses too easy. For your skill level, we have an accelerated introductory course, CS 1131, which covers the material that the two course introductory sequence covers, but in one semester rather than two.

All First Year students in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Computer Engineering will take a skills assessment during Orientation Week in August.

  • There is no way to fail the assessment. The goal is to place you in the most appropriate course based on your skill level, either CS 1121 or CS 1131.
  • If you have AP scores or transfer credit for CS 1121, you do not need to take the assessment. You should be enrolled in CS 1122. You can take the assessment if you would like to and you can enroll in CS 1131 if you would prefer that over CS 1122. Talk to Leo Ureel if you have questions.

The assessment will be offered to students who are starting fall 2016:

  • Computer Science and Software Engineering students: Monday, time TBA of Orientation week.
  • Computer Engineering students: Tuesday, time TBA of Orientation week.

Non-CS or non-Computer Engineering students can take the test at either of the above times. Transfer students will have a time TBA on Friday of Orientation week.

If you have any questions about the assessment, please email Leo Ureel at ureel@mtu.edu.