CS Clubs and Groups

Copper Country Coders

The Copper Country Coders organization aims to provide education in Computer Science topics to local middle and high school students. CCCoders members help present weekly sessions that introduce local students to computing topics and programming concepts.

Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE)

Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE) is a student-run organization focused on software development and usability research. Our primary goal is to give our members a headstart in their careers by immersing them in a collaborative environment where they can gain real world work experience. HIDE alumni are some of the most distinguished Michigan Tech students. Google, Handshake, and Target are just a few of the many places where members have been able to secure jobs.

Husky Game Development

Husky Game Development designs and develops games for business, education, and fun. We work as an interdisciplinary, student-run enterprise that fosters productivity, creativity, and effective business practices. Our goal is to create quality software that will attract and satisfy industry sponsors.

Linux/UNIX Users' Group

The MTU Linux/UNIX Users' Group was established to further students' knowledge of Linux and/or UNIX based operating systems. We are all geeks at heart and we love to talk about technology. Our meetings are completely open to anyone. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information, please email us at lug-l@mtu.edu. We run Linux-related events several times a year. Meetings are held Tuesdays from 6-7 p.m. in Rekhi Hall Room 101. 

Women in Computer Science

Women in Computing Sciences (WiCS) is a forum for students and faculty with a general interest in computing sciences and a specific interest in the issues concerning women within those disciplines. The objectives of this group are recruiting, retaining, and supporting women in computing sciences.