Enterprise Projects

In their final year, Bachelor of Science in CS majors complete either a Senior Design Project or an Enterprise project. Many of these projects are presented by students at Design Expo, an annual competition that highlights hands-on, discovery-based learning at Michigan Tech. During the event, more than a thousand students in Enterprise and on Senior Design teams showcase their work and compete for awards. Below are CS 2022 Design Expo projects.

Husky Game Development Enterprise

HGD Enterprise

Team Leads: Ethan Fournier, Computer Science; Devin Stewart, Software Engineering
Advisor: Scott Kuhl, Computer Science
About Husky Game Development Enterprise: Husky Game Development (HGD) is a student-run Enterprise focused on developing video games. Each year, HGD breaks up into subteams of around six students who experience a full game development cycle including ideation, design, and end product. HGD explores a wide variety of video game engines and platforms including Windows, Android, Xbox, and an experimental Display Wall.

Project Overview: They say that the mansion on the other side of town is haunted, but is it really? The kids tell stories on how dangerous the house is, but they have never made it through the door. That’s when you decided to enter the mansion and see what the fuss was about. You didn’t believe those rumors, until you found yourself waking up in a strange room within the mansion after blacking out at the door. Explore the mansion with the mysterious young girl that lives there, solve puzzles to progress and escape the mansion. Will you make it out or will you let your fears get the best of you?