Software Engineering Requirements

BS in Software Engineering Degree Requirements (SSEN)

Total credits required for the degree: 124. Find complete details on the Software Engineering degree audit. Download the Software Engineering flowchart.

Core Requirements: 54-55 Credits

Choose One of the Following Options: 6 Credits 

Option 1
Option 2

Math Requirements: 10-12 Credits*

Lab Science Requirements: 7 Credits Minimum*

Students must complete two science courses in two different disciplines (BL, CH, KIP, FW, GE, PH, SS) from the general education science course list; at least one of these must include or be taken with the accompanying laboratory. Find eligible courses on the General Education webpage.

Science Elective or MA3XXX: 6-7 Credits*

Take a MA course (3000-level or higher) or a course from the approved STEM Science list.

*Science and math should total 24 credits overall.

Technical Electives: 9 Credits

See academic advisor for approved technical electives

Free Electives: 4-8 Credits

Any coursework is allowable, excluding co-curricular and coursework below the 1000- level.

General Education Core Requirements: 24 Credits

Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Science (HASS) Requirements

Courses used to complete Core and HASS requirements may not be used to complete other degree requirements. Students must complete 12 credits of Core coursework and 12 credits of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Science (HASS) coursework. Repeatable courses may not be repeated for general education credit. Core and HASS courses can be found on the General Education page.

Core: 12 Credits

  • UN 1015 (3)
  • UN 1025 or an upper level modern language (3)
  • Critical and Creative Thinking (3)
  • Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning (3)

HASS: 12 credits

Six of the 12 credits must be at the 3000- or 4000- level.

  • Communication/Composition (minimum 3 credits)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (minimum 3 credits)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (minimum 3 credits)
  • Any course from the General Education Core, HASS, or Restricted HASS course list (0 to 3 credits)

Co-curricular Activities: 3 Credits

Required for graduation, but not included in the GPA calculation or in the overall credits required for the degree. Only courses on the co-curricular course list are eligible. Half (0.5) credit courses may be repeated to a maximum of one time for co-curricular credit. Find eligible courses on the General Education page.