Plan Your Schedule

How to Get Started

1. Print a blank academic plan worksheet or set up a spreadsheet for schedule planning.

2. Know your degree requirements. Print the flowchart or suggested schedule for your catalog year.

          Applied Computing Degree Requirements

          Computer Science Degree Requirements

3. Additional tools to help you plan:
         Succeeding in Computer Science
         Interactive Degree Audit
         Current Student Transfer Help

4. Develop your professional path, incorporating the components below as they interest you.


  • Students are registered for Michigan Tech credit while working with a company; this typically is over a fall or spring semester during junior or senior year.
  • Additional information is available on the Career Services website, including requirements, needed forms, and FAQs.

Undergraduate Research

  • If you are interested in working in research and development in industry or thinking about going on to graduate school then you should plan to get undergraduate research experience with a faculty member.


  • Minors are focus areas that can be added to your degree program. If you have additional interests browse through the minors available.
  • Minors that have been popular with Computer Science students include:
    • Minor in Spanish, French, or German
    • International Minor in Spanish, French, or German
    • Minor in Math
    • Minor in Economics
    • Minor in Global Business
    • Minor in Psychology


  • The Enterprise program is an opportunity for you to work with other students on real-world sponsored projects. There are many Enterprise teams to choose from. The two Enterprise teams housed in our department have been popular with computer science students.

Senior Design Options

  • Senior design is an important part of our curriculum. You are required to take senior design courses during both fall and spring of your senior year. Students choosing to participate in Enterprise may be able to incorporate their Enterprise project into senior design.
  • Students have also done their senior design projects outside the department. SSEN Software Engineering majors need Senior design or Enterprise.

Grad School Prep

Accelerated Master's

  • We have an accelerated BS/MS degree program. You apply your Junior year, and follow your undergraduate degree plan.
  • Contact the Graduate Advisor Zhenlin Wang to go over the graduate program options and make a plan right for you.

More Professional Opportunities

  • There are many more opportunities available that can help you develop both personally and professionally. You may want to consider the following Computer Science clubs and groups: