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Dvid Reeves, Computer Science BS, Psychology Minor major

David Reeves, BS in Computer Science major, Psychology Minor

"The College of Computing at Michigan Tech has an incredible support system and it is an experience that really no other college can confidently offer. Between the forms of assistance a student can get for classwork, homework, or special projects that drive our field forward, every student is given an opportunity to thrive alongside other talented peers and professors."

Future plans: I plan to continue throughout my studies in computer science, but I want to focus on something UI/UX related in my career and/or become a teacher at a primary school level.

Pronouns: He/Him

Miltone Awiti, Graduate Student, MS in Health Informatics

Miltone Awiti, Graduate Student, MS in Health Informatics

"In my academic journey, joining the Michigan Tech College of Computing has proven to be the most rewarding choice I have ever made. Learning about the integration of Artificial Intelligence into healthcare to improve precision medicine has deepened my understanding of the revolution in the medical field."

Pronouns: He/Him

Alisa Teige, BS in Date Science-Cybersecurity major

Alisa Teige, BS in Data Science-Cybersecurity major

"The College of Computing has opened up a unique world of opportunities and development for me. This place is ideal for anyone who wants to master modern technologies and unleash their potential in the IT field. Because here you can find not only the necessary knowledge and skills, but also a stimulating atmosphere for personal development."

Pronouns: She/Her

Oscar Odera, Health Informatics MS

Oscar Odiwuor Odera, MS in Health Informatics major

"As the world transitions to digital health, I have found the Health informatics program in the Michigan Tech College of Computing very very captivating as it integrates technology with practical applications. I have learned technical skills alongside theoretical knowledge, preparing me for the rapidly evolving healthcare technology landscape."

Future Plans: Pursue a career in public health data interoperability, analytics, and visualization.

Jesse Perry, Computer Science BS

Jesse Perry, BS in Computer Science major

"The College of Computing has helped me succeed in my career goals exponentially, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Future Plans: Pursue a senior development position at a Silicon Valley company.

Pronouns: He/Him

Dhanush Biligiri, Data Science MS

Dhanush Biligiri, MS in Data Science major

"Michigan Tech's College of Computing provides an extensive education and dedicated professors who have helped me overcome my doubts and gain self-assurance. My Data Science studies have equipped me with skills to utilize data for new and innovative ideas. The varied coursework and practical experiences have prepared me for a pioneering role in the tech industry."

Reed Downs, Physics

Reed Downs, MS in Physics major

"The College of Computing has passionate, engaging faculty. They're always down for an educational discussion, to share their research, promote education, and bring people inside and outside the department into the loop."

Future Plans: Complete a summer internship doing computational fluid dynamics and machine learning-aided modeling, after which I'll likely pursue a career in a related field.

Logan Pokwinski, BS in Mechatronics student

Logan Pokwinski, BS in Mechatronics major

"I love the resources and outreach available to me in the college. I have been able to learn so many new things and have found what my interests are!"

Pronouns: He/Him

Chadwick Kota, Graduate Student, Data Science MS

Chadwick Kota, Graduate Student, Data Science MS

"I majored in finance in my bachelor's, and even though I had some programming experience, I was apprehensive of doing a grad program in data science. The Michigan Tech professors have been so understanding and helpful, and I was able to lose the fear of not fitting in.

Future Plans: Pursue a career in data science.

Elise Buzzell, Computer Science BS student

Elise Buzzell, BS in Computer Science major

"The faculty in Michigan Tech's College of Computing exceeded my expectations. Each faculty member I have met has been supportive, even if it was my first time meeting them. It's intimidating to go into a computing field, but the faculty have instilled a confidence in me that I didn't even know was possible."

Future Plans: Complete a BS in Computer Science and begin a career in the sports industry as a developer.

Travis Scharich, 1st-year student with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics

Travis Scharich, Undergraduate with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics

"The Mathematics and Computer Science degree programs combine two of my top interests and give me a larger skill set that will make me more employable. I also love the Computer Science classes I've taken, as they've challenged my problem-solving skills and taught me many really interesting things."

Connor Nolan, 1st-year Software Engineering major with a minor in Cybersecurity

Connor Nolan, Software Engineering BS major with a minor in Cybersecurity

"It's so refreshing to have a college dedicated to computing, rather than being lumped in with another discipline. Because, while computing may have a lot of similarities with other fields, it is very much its own thing. I'm glad MTU understands that."

Future plans: Perhaps pursue a master's degree and begin a career in computer programming.

Felicia Huffman, Data Science BS

Felicia Huffman, Data Science BS major

"Michigan Tech's College of Computing provides the opportunity for students to come together to face the challenges of computer science. There are so many ways to code the same thing, and having others to show me better ways is extremely beneficial to my education here at Tech."

Future Plans: Pursue a graduate degree in data science.

Chandu Narasimhareddyvari

Chandu Narasimhareddyvari, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"In Michigan Tech's College of Computing, I have the opportunity to learn from a curriculum that is cutting-edge and interdisciplinary. The wide array of courses allows me to discover the impact and applications of data in healthcare. I love Michigan Tech, where creativity meets the beauty of the Upper Peninsula and the education is as rich as Lake Superior."

Pronouns: He/Him

Nagendra Madi Reddy

Nagendra Madi Reddy, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"As a master's student in the Department of Applied Computing majoring in Health Informatics, I have the privilege of studying a curriculum that is remarkable for its variety and progressive outlook. The wide variety of courses prepares you for future tech careers."

Pronouns: He/Him

Future Plans: Pursue a career as a Healthcare Quality & Data Analyst

Leiya Rybicki

Leiya Rybicki, Computer Science BS major

"I love the opportunities the College of Computing presents for its students. Not only do the classes give you a foundational understanding of essential computing topics, but you have the ability to help others learn them as a SAM session helper or teaching assistant. I also love that the MTU Summer Youth Programs, like WiCS, are encouraging young girls to start their journey into the fields of technology!"

Pronouns: She/Her

Future Plans: I plan to enter the industry as a software engineer for Ford Motor Company!

Scout Lex, 2nd-year Data Science student

Scout Lex, Data Science BS major with Computer Science minor

"The College of Computing offers so many different options. Even though I don't have a set plan yet, I know that I will find something that I really enjoy. Transferring to the College of Computing was one of the best decisions I've made in college."

Shubham Towari, Graduate Stiudent, Data Science MS

Shubham Tiwari, Graduate Student, Data Science MS

"I love the Michigan Technological University College of Computing because it provides an excellent platform for students to explore and innovate in the field of computing, while also offering a diverse range of courses that cater to individual interests and career aspirations."

Gilbert Kennedy, graduate student, Data Science MS

Gilbert Kennedy, Graduate Student, Data Science MS

"The College of Computing offers a curriculum that is continually updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies in the field. As a data science student, I have access to courses that cover advanced topics in machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics and big data technologies."

Ravi Thakur, Graduate Student, Mechatronics

Ravi Thakur, Graduate Student, Mechatronics MS

"I am excited about the prospect of delving into cutting-edge research in the College of Computing. I am eager to contribute as a research assistant, fostering collaboration and pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the dynamic field of computing."

Future Plans: I am dedicated to becoming a control systems expert, driven by a passion for solving complex problems in dynamic environments. My future plans involve pursuing advanced education, gaining hands-on experience, and actively contributing to innovative projects. I aim to leverage my skills to open new horizons in control systems and create opportunities for impactful contributions in this dynamic and evolving field.

Carter Kowitz, 1st year BS in Data Science student

Carter Kowitz, Data Science BS major

"The College of Computing has solidified my love-hate relationship with computer programming. I have  been exposed to new uses of my computer and its software that I had never thought of."

Future Plans: Pursue a career as a data scientist.

Usama Ayub, graduate student, Data Science/ Business Analytics MS

Usama Ayub, Graduate Student, Data Science/ Business Analytics MS

"The College of Computing at Michigan Tech offers a diverse range of computing courses that has helped me gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in technology with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, research, and industry connections."

Future Plans: Pursue a career as a data scientist, using my machine and deep learning skills for innovation and positive change.

Lars Erkkila, Computer Science, 2nd Year

Lars Erkkila, Computer Science BS major

"One thing that I love about Michigan Tech's College of Computing is the level of passion the students and professors share about the education of our generation."

Joshua Farr, Computer Science, 5th Year

Joshua Farr, Computer Science BS major

"MTU's College of Computing gives its students the ability to navigate our changing world."

Future plans: Pursue a career in tech sales."

Jacob Seiter, Computer Science, 3rd Year

Jacob Seiter, Computer Science BS major

"The College of Computing offers a comprehensive look at the field of computer science in classes taught by professors who prioritize their students' success."

Future Plans: Pursue a career as a software developer.

Mark Halonen, Computer Science, 4th Year

Mark Halonen, Computer Science BS major

"The College of Computing has equipped me with practical programming experience and a solid theoretical foundation. Passing challenging classes will give me confidence as I transition into the professional realm."

Future plans: Pursue a career as a software engineer.

Tim Erkkila, 4th-year Computer Science major

Tim Erkkila, Computer Science BS major

"The opportunity for learning in practical and theoretical domains."

Future Plans: Pursue a career in software engineering.

Craig Halonen, Computer Science BS major

Craig Halonen, Computer Science BS major

"I like the College of Computing because it offers the development of new skills to approach complex problems from a wide scope of fields and develop solutions."

Future Plans: One thing that interests me is shipping logistics.

Joshua Cotter, Computer Science BS, 1st Year

Joshua Cotter, Computer Science BS major

Pronouns: He/Him

"I've always enjoyed messing around with different technology, starting with my Nintendo Wii, then moving on to my WiiU. Ever since, it made sense for me to pursue something computer-related, and the rest is history. I love being able to casually talk to people with the same interests as me. It's nice being able to talk to other nerds."

Future Plans: I plan on getting my bachelor's, and hopefully creating a very helpful piece of software, maybe even something life-saving.

Landon Thelen, Mechatronics BS, 1st Year

Landon Thelen, Mechatronics BS major

"What I love about the College of Computing is its immense diversity of course offerings where I can specialize my degree in the way I see myself using it in my future professional career. My program allows me to choose to be more engaged in the computer systems that power Mechatronics, or to focus more on the robotic systems and for more hands-on approach to what I'll actually be using in my career."

Future Plans: I plan to continue to explore the growing field of Mechatronics and see what interesting opportunities arise.

Josh Kozlowski, Software Engineering BS, 1st Year

Josh Kozlowski, Software Engineering BS major

Pronouns: He/Him

"Michigan Tech is an amazing school with great people, and the College of Computing has equally amazing programs with even more amazing and friendly people."

Etan Idalski, Cybersecurity BS, 2nd Year

Ethan Idalski, Cybersecurity BS major

"There is such a broad field within the College of Computing, and students are able to get a glimpse of the many different possibilities. The College of Computing works closely with their students to guarantee their success, connects them with future employers, and gives them opportunities and experiences to prepare them for a future career in the ever-growing field of computing."

Future Plans: Complete a master's in cybersecurity and build a company of my own.

Aidan Boop, Software Engineering BS, 1st Year

Aidan Boop, Software Engineering BS major

Pronouns: He/Him

"Michigan Tech exceeds my expectations with the many different fields there are within the College of Computing. Do you want to learn about machine learning? Boom, they have that. Do you want to learn about data science? Yup, you sure can. Though it might be said quite a bit, there is infinite knowledge to be gained here at MTU."

Future Plans: I hope to pursue a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Evan Bradford, Software Engineering BS, 3rd Year

Evan Bradford, Software Engineering BS major

Pronouns: He/Him

"I love how passionate the professors are about their areas of expertise!"

Joseph Halcombe, Computer Science BS, 3rd Year

Joseph Halcombe, Computer Science BS major

Pronouns: He/Him

"The wide array of majors and minors offered for Computing majors at Michigan Tech allows you to grow and explore career paths in ways you wouldn't have access to at other universities."

Atharva Joshi, Data Science graduate student

Atharva Joshi, Graduate Student, Data Science

"Michigan Tech offers a unique blend of courses in the growing fields of Data Science, including Advanced Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, and Scientific Computing. The program also allows you to choose electives from a range of subjects, including Business and Economics, Forest Resources and Environmental Science, and Cognitive and Learning Sciences."

Pronouns: He/Him

Future Plans: I am interested in working on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence; I would like to make an impact in the FinTech Space.

Yaw Opoku-Debrahp

Yaw Opoku-Debrah, Graduate Student, Data Science 

"Being from a temperate region, a change of weather meant experiencing the best of two worlds. Seeing the MTU investment in facilities for engineering shows the passion and relevance it has for it. Love the winter and calmness of the location at MTU. I'm glad to be here."

Pronouns: He, him

Future Plans: Contribute to the dominance of data scientists leading the charge in decision making for businesses.

Luke Vidlund

Luke Vidlund, Computer Science BS major

"I chose Michigan Tech to pursue my passion for programming and computational problem solving. Being a student here has given me the tools and resources to develop my skills in a way that no other place can."

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Emma Nanninga

Emma Nanninga '22, Computer Engineering / Psychology BS

"I toured Michigan Tech in high school and loved the location. The College of Computing gave me just the right mix of classes to find a degree that fit me best! It gave me extremely useful experience that I know will help me in my future endeavors."

Pronouns: She, her

Simran Priya Kaur

Priya Kaur, Graduate Student, Health Informatics

"A close knit community and peaceful life is what any knowledge-seeking person craves, and this is where Michigan Technological University comes in. This is a University with personalized approach to studies that allows students to attain new heights."

Pronouns: She, her

Future Plans: I would want to start applying my knowledge in the field and then come back to school to get a PhD.

Abhinav Vuppala

Abhinav Vuppala, Graduate Student, Health Informatics

"Michigan Tech offers a great array of subjects in the Master's in Health Informatics. The technical skills I obtain from the teaching faculty will ensure that I prevail in my field with a steady job plan and security. The College of Computing offers an impeccable course work in python and artificial intelligence, which is useful for my future endeavors.

Pronouns: He, him

Dev Sanghani, Cybersecurity MS

Dev Sanghani, Graduate Student, Cybersecurity MS

"I chose Michigan Technological University because it is a premier institution known for its outstanding academic programs and groundbreaking research. The MTU community is made up of talented and motivated individuals from all over the world, drawn to this school's reputation for excellence in education and its commitment to helping students reach their full potential."

Tyler Zetty

Tyler Zetty, Computer Engineering BS major

"Michigan Tech has the friendliest campus I've ever seen, and one of the best computing programs in Michigan."

Future Plans: This year I will be graduating with my bachelor's degree and I have accepted a job offer as a software engineer at Amazon!  

Shipra Tiwari

Shipra Tiwari, Graduate Student, Electrical and Electronics Engineering PhD

"The all-around support from the faculty and the university and the courses related to practical work experience that help students get internships and jobs, something most international students are hoping for, are my reasons for choosing MTU.

Future Plans: Land  a job in an R&D industry focused on renewable power generation. Be an independent researcher helping the engineering society, as well as the environment, by developing sustainable technologies.

Yogendra Knchapu

Yogendra Kanchapu, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"I chose MTU because of the well-tailored curriculum that helps me to stand out from the crowd."

Future plans: Work as a data scientist.

Akshay Kumar Dosapati

Akshay Kumar Dosapati, Graduate Student, Computer Science MS

Pronouns: He/Him/His 

"Michigan Tech's location, encompassed by the rustic charms of nature and a flexible and friendly atmosphere with professors fascinates me. Moreover, the students and locals are very generous and friendly, which creates a peaceful environment. Furthermore, MTU's extracurricular activities like Tech Trails, some outdoor adventures, and encouragement in sports participation enthrall me."

Future Plans: Become a notable Michigan Tech alumnus.

Hunter Kretz

Hunter Kretz, Computer Science BS major

Pronouns: He/Him

"I choose Michigan Tech for its faculty, who push the boundaries of their field while also teaching students about the tech they are working with. And because Tech gave me the opportunity to pursue my interests and hobbies like the pep band to the level I wanted to."

Ankit Chhillar

Ankit Chhillar, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"Looking into today's scenario, every field needs experts with IT skills. As an individual from the healthcare industry, I observed that the industry lacks healthcare professionals with IT skills. So, I chose the College of Computing to gain those skills. Michigan Tech is diverse and provides access to world class facilities. I chose Michigan Tech to gain knowledge and ideas and to exchange experiences."

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Sifat Sifat Naseem

Sifat Sifat Naseem, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"I choose Michigan Tech because it is renowned for its academic excellence and contributions to dynamic research. This school has received many accolades for providing quality education, which attracts students from different corners of the world to pursue their dreams. I aspire to tailor my career in an innovative way through the mentorship of highly skilled faculty. By being exposed to such diverse range of experiences, I hope to become a well-skilled person."

Narendra Gude

Venkata Narendra Babu Gude, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"I choose Michigan technological University because of it's innovative teaching and mentoring."

Aakash Gunda

Aakash Gunda, Graduate Student, Computer Science MS

"MTU has helped me to keep accelerating myself in the field of computer science. Moreover, professors here helps us to enrich ourselves towards our interests."

Anand Addepalli

Venkatanand ram Addepalli, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"I chose Michigan Technological University because of its extensive research and highly qualified professors. Apart from the area's scenic beauty, Michigan Tech offers very work-life balanced curriculum in which I can pursue extra curriculars."

Pronouns: He, him

Future Plans: I wish to continue my studies and probably go for a Ph.D.

Thanuja Maddali

Thanuja Maddal, Graduate Student, Computer Science MS

"I have chosen Michigan Tech because of its flexible course curriculum. l was very interested in computer science because It consists of problem solving and the design and development software and hardware."

Sai Sampath Reddy Nagireddy

Sai Sampath Reddy Nagireddy, Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering MS

"Michigan Tech provides unique curriculum which is my area of interest in control systems of auto vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. Michigan Tech is unique among all universities in United States."

Dipti Poudel

Dipti Poudel, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"My reason for choosing Michigan Tech is its spectacular academics and outstanding and friendly faculty. MTU provided me very homey environment as I am an international student."

Future Plans: I plan to build my knowledge of security and privacy to help contribute to bring change in healthcare. 

Shalaka Gaidhani

Shalaka Gaidhani, Graduate Student, Data Science MS

"I chose Michigan Tech for its coursework that is aimed to providing practical knowledge in computing with well-designed courses for programming, statistics, and data analysis. Also, the professors are easy to connect with and always make time to assist students. There are several departments that one can choose even while in computing and have a broad exposure for career.

Future Plans: My future plans are to work into research related to analyzing data in the healthcare domain and make some useful contributions to the society.

Ram Sudda

Parshuram Reddy Sudda, Graduate Student, Computer Science MS

"Choosing the Michigan Tech College of Computing was a wise decision for me due to the curriculum design that is relevant to present-day technology. Furthermore, professors with extensive knowledge of the subjects empower students to excel in the field of of information technology."

Future Plans: I hope to become a successful computer science engineer by constantly acknowledging my skills.

Mabel Komanduru

Mabel Shekinah Rose Komanduru, Graduate Student, Health Informatics MS

"As an international student, I researched a lot about many colleges and Michigan Tech stood out because of the technical aspects offered in the course work and it's reputation for providing students with many career opportunities by the end of their course."

Pronouns: She, her

Ketan Patil

Ketan Patil, Graduate Student, Computer Science MS

"The course offerings in theoretical computer science primarily focusing on algorithms and the flexibility in designing your curriculum based on your interests and goals are some of the major factors that led me to pick Michigan Technological University as my graduate school for a comprehensive Computer Science education.

Pronouns: He, him, his

Future Plans: I want to enable solutions to complex problems through code at scale. In addition, my aim is to propagate businesses and innovation forward through methodologies employed in Advanced Analytics and Data Science.

Pradnya Pendse

Pradnya Pendse, Graduate Student, Data Science MS

"I choose Michigan Technological University for it's well designed course curriculum with balanced focus on statistical computing and technical courses supporting these statistical courses."

Pronouns: She, her

Future Plans: I would like to work on machine learning and predictive modeling to contribute in business revolution.

Siddesh Mahadeshwar

Siddhesh Mahadeshwar, Graduate Student, Computer Science MS

"Michigan Tech has not only given me the opportunity to pursue world-class academics, but also made it possible for me to follow my passion for tennis through varsity athletics."

Pronouns: He, him, his

Future Plans: I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Computer Science and intend to gain more knowledge in computer security.

Dominika Bobik

Dominika Bobik, Computer Engineering BS major

"I choose Michigan Tech because of its stellar academics and smaller community that allows me to make the most out of the many on-campus opportunities."

Future plans: I would like to focus on operating systems programming, specifically on the networking component.

Destiny Michaels

Destiny Michaels, Computer Network and System Administration BS major

"The blend of the courses has each class building off of one another. The faculty care about each and every student. Each course has applied to a lab that I have learned a lot an/or have applied well to my internships."

Future Plans: I plan to work for the U.S. government, helping out in any way I can within cybersecurity. 

Adam Fulton

Adam Fulton, Computer Network and System Administration BS major

"I really like how invested the professors are in the classes. You end up developing great relationships with them."

Eli Pinnoo

Eli Pinnoo, Computer Science BS major

"I love the challenges MTU computing brings to help further my growth, giving me a promising future."

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin, Cybersecurity BS major

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Future Plans: Pursue a master's degree in cybersecurity.

"I really enjoy how approachable all of the College of Computing professors are at Michigan Technological University. It makes all the difference when the faculty teaching the classes want to help and see you succeed."

Zach Heimer

Zach Heimer, Computer Network and System Administration BS major

"My favorite thing about the CNSA program is how almost every class has hands-on lab time with real-world equipment."

Andrea Sarbia

Andrea Sarabia, Computer Science BS major

Pronouns: They/Them
Future Plans: Aiming for graduate school

"I love how helpful the professors are. They really want you to understand and enjoy the content they teach."

Navjot Kaur

Navjot Kaur, Graduate Student, Data Science MS

"The best part is the quality of coursework and the helpful nature of professors."

Austin Keene

Austin Keene, Computer Science/Game Development BS major

"I have a passion for tech, creativity, and finding solutions. I love the mental challenge that programming at MTU presents and the ability to work on various projects with my peers to conceive and bring them to fruition."

Swapnil Bamane

Swapnil Bamane, Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering PhD

"When the word Superior comes to my mind, there are two things that I think of. First is the beautiful Lake Superior, and the second one is the SUPERIOR, HPC facility at MTU. My entire doctoral research is possible because of the advanced computing facility that we have here at Tech."

Lela Root

Lela Root, Software Engineering BS major

"I love the challenge of my major!"

Chanpech Hoeng

Chanpech Hoeng, Computer Science BS major
For me, a programming assignment might seem very overwhelming when I look at it as one giant piece, I usually find it helpful when I break it down and write out the concepts that are stuck in my head on to a paper."

Mackenzie Miller

Mackenzie Miller, Computer Science BS major
"One thing I love about the College of Computing is that it sets students up for possibilities after college. The unique experience MTU offers students from enterprises to learning centers gives everyone the equal opportunity to succeed."

Cooper Rellis

Cooper Rellis, Cybersecurity BS major
"The best part of Computing[MTU] is the community. Everyone I've met is helpful and welcoming and I don't feel out of place at all, even though I switched majors mid semester."

Nisha Elgonda

Nisha Elgonda, Computer Science BS major

"Being a part of the College of Computing while being a woman of color has definitely been a challenging experience. It’s easy feel out of place and struggle, but the College of Computing has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge about coding and myself. I am a strong, smart, independent student and proud to say I’ve accepted a full-time job offer from Ford!"

Daniel Masker

Daniel Masker, Computer Science BS major

"The quality of support for learning is excellent, and the layout of program requirements - especially in the Introductory Level courses - is very thorough compared to every other college I’ve looked at. Seeing the class materials and exercises of my friends in WI, CO, and other parts of MI, nothing compares to the high standards and continuous improvement at Michigan Tech."

Future Plans: I’m going into the labor market for a few years before returning to education for either a Master’s and PhD in CS or a complimentary degree in another field. While working I will also be running an LLC along with any interested parties to develop and sell my side projects. Once I finish my education I’ll turn to teaching CS, with a focus on accessibility and early access for everyone.

Thad Sander

Thad Sander, Cybersecurity BS major

"I really enjoy the instructors in the College of Computing. They are really passionate in what they do, always willing to help you outside of the class, and they regularly forward internship and work opportunities to students."

Read Thad's story.

Ymailda (Mel) Hernandez

Mel Hernandez, Computer Engineering BS major
"One of my favorite things about the College of Computing is the fact that it opens my mind up to possibilities that I never would have thought about to begin with. It makes me think more logically but also makes me ask the questions that we may often times overlook."

Elija Cobb

Elija Cobb, Graduate Student, Computer Science PhD

"I choose MTU for my graduate degree because of the great relationships I made with the professors in my undergrad. People actually care about you at MTU and you are not just a number. The welcoming environment at Computing[MTU] brings with it opportunities and a bright future."

Katie Ulinski

Katie Ulinski, Psychology and Human Factors/Human-Computer Interface Design BS major, with a minor in Computer Science

"I love how hands-on the program is. There are so many opportunities to get involved with different projects and work with all different types of people."

Kieran Young

Kieran Young, Graduate Student, Computer Science PhD

"The expertise of the faculty!"

Marie Zgurich

Marie Zgurich, Software Engineering BS major

"One of my favorite things about the College of Computing is the number of opportunities there are to find your niche and go out and explore. I’ve attended conferences and learned all sorts of technologies that I don’t think I would have had the chance to do elsewhere."

Adam Fenjiro

Adam Fenjiro, Computer Science BS major

"I like how amazing and interesting my major is, and so much fun!"

Soheil Sepahyar

Soheil Sepahyar, Graduate Student, Computer Science PhD

"You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get" -- Michael Phelps

Gina Adragna

Gina Adragna, Cybersecurity BS major

"The amazing opportunities I get as well as the amazing faculty and staff always keep me excited for what I get out of my degree!"

Ryan Jaklic

Ryan Jaklic, Cybersecurity BS major

"The rigor and opportunities presented to me make the College of Computing worth it."

Breckin Deverney

Breckin Deverney, Environmental Engineering BS major

"I love having the opportunity to create what I have dreamed of, with the help and support of my peers around me."

Ethan Brinks

Ethan Brinks, Cybersecurity BS major

"Michigan Tech has allowed me to achieve potential that I would not have thought possible at other universities, both professionally and technically."

Steven Brylinski

Steven Brylinski, Graduate Student,, Computer Science MS

"I appreciate that many of our courses have hands-on work that helps to reinforce the concepts."

Siddhesh Mahadeshwar

Siddhesh Mahadeshwar, Computer Science BS major

"Computing at MTU has allowed me to strive as I explore my potential and creativity to contribute towards an impactful technological future."

Future Plans: Intends to return to Graduate School at Michigan Tech to complete his Accelerated Master's degree in Computer Science.

Caden Kienitz

Caden Kienitz, Computer Science BS major

"I love having a problem and being able to solve it. Programming allows me to work with a team to think of a solution that can best solve that problem."

Conner Bodell

Conner Bodell, Computer Science BS major

"If success is a function of time and effort, then perhaps we are lucky to attend a school that requires so much time and effort. Hang in there friends!"

Pranav Kishore

Pranav Kishore, Graduate Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

"The College of Computing at MTU has a diverse course structure. In one course, you learn the basics and, simultaneously. In another course you learn the current industry practices. Also, the professors have a very high reputation in the industry for their research work. So, the transition from a student to an industry professional is very smooth."

Robby MacKinnon

Robby MacKinnon, Wildlife Conservation BS major

"Computing helps me strive better."

Future plans: A career helping people and the community.