College of Computing

College of Computing External Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

Randy Berry

Randy Berry '82

Vice President of Utilities
Open Systems International Inc.


  • Sector: Grid Infrastructure
  • Energy industry professional with more than 30 years of global experience in the design, delivery and support of operations technology (OT) solutions
  • Manages strategic projects, provides strategy and vision to sales teams, oversees OSl's professional services business unit
  • Practical experience in the implementation of projects for electricity, water, steam and rail control systems in the U.S., Australasia, and Europe
  • Open Systems International, Inc. is the leading supplier of open automation solutions for real-time management and optimization of complex production, transport and delivery networks for utilities in the electric, oil and gas, transport and water industries, as well as large industrials, data centers and campuses
  • B.S., Computer Science, 1982

Chen Ding

Chen Ding '96

Professor, Computer Science Dept.
University of Rochester


  • Sector: Higher Education
  • Research seeks to understand the composite and emergent behavior in computer systems, especially its dynamic parallelism and data usage
  • Develops software techniques for automatic or suggestion-based locality optimization, memory management, and program parallelization
  • Faculty Fellow, IBM Center for Advanced Studies
  • Received NSF and DOE young investigator awards
  • Co-founded the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Memory System Performance and Correctness (MSPC)
  • Past visiting researcher at Microsoft Research; past visiting professor at MIT
  • Teaches compilation, programming languages, software design and computer organization
  • B.S., Peking Univ., 1994
  • M.S., Michigan Tech, 1996
  • Ph.D., Rice Univ., 2000

Derek Dykens

Derek Dykens '08

Global Retail Industry Strategist
Splunk, Inc.


  • Sector: Technology
  • A trusted advisor to retailers on their diverse business and IT priorities
  • Offers a fresh perspective on the strategies retailers are prioritizing to modernize their IT environments, digitally connect with their customers, and succeed in a multi-cloud world
  • Prior to Splunk, led key technology and omnichannel investments for Target Corporation
  • Worked in various retail strategy and enterprise sales roles at Cisco Systems and Lexmark International
  • B.S., Computer Network and System Administration, 2008

Mark Gauthier

Mark Gauthier '85

Donald Engineering


  • Sector: Industrial
  • Wholesaler and distributor of machine equipment and supplies, fluid power valves, pneumatic equipment components, cylinder-air and hydraulics
  • Provides expertise in systems design and implementation and solutions for industrial fluid powers control and electrical motion controls
  • Established in 1963 by Donald Gauthier
  • Corporate offices in Grand Rapids; secondary offices in Grand Haven and Metro Detroit
  • The Gauthier Family Scholarship Fund, established in 1998 by Barb Gauthier as a memorial to her late husband, has provided 30+ scholarships to Michigan Tech ME-EM and ECE students
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics,1985

Dianne Marsh

Dianne Marsh '86 '92

Director of Device and Content Security


  • Sector: Entertainment
  • The Netflix Device and Content Security team is responsible for securing the Netflix streaming client ecosystem, content, and devices
    Works closely with internal partner, certification, and product focused teams to design and to implement security-related features in devices and cloud services
  • Works with studios on evolving content security requirements
  • Works with device partners on advancing the platform security of the Netflix-enabled devices
  • Partners with major external organizations, from browser vendors to DRM vendors to security solution providers, actively steering and developing the security landscape of the streaming ecosystem
  • Partners with internal development teams, and responsible for client/ server secure protocol (MSL)
  • B.S., Computer Science, 1986
  • M.S., Computer Science, 1992

Pavan Muzumdar

Pavan Muzumdar

Chief Operating Officer
Automation Alley


  • Sector: Business, NGO
  • Facilitates smooth functioning of the organization and enables execution of strategic goals
    20-plus years of experience in executive leadership roles
  • Brings a people-focused, fundamentals-based analytical approach to his work
  • An Industry 4.0 expert often invited to speak at conferences and in panel discussions related to the impact of the digital revolution on business
  • Founder of PCS Insight LLC, which teaches leaders of growing companies how to increase profits by intensifying happiness and reducing friction in the workplace
  • Member, CFA Institute
  • B.S., EE, Univ. of Mumbai
  • M.S., CS and EE, Univ. of Mass. Lowell

Brian VanVoorst

Brian VanVoorst '91

Lead Scientist, Fellow
BBN Technologies, Raytheon


  • Sector: Defense
  • Principal investigation (Pl) for applied R&D projects
  • Leads teams exploring solutions, setting the research agenda, developing the systems architecture, general problem solving, algorithm development, implementing, and team leadership
  • Recent work includes applications of machine learning, computer vision, Al, and autonomy
  • Long-standing reputation for work in extracting situational data in real-time from lidar point clouds
  • Received 2004 Michigan Tech Outstanding Young Alumni Award
  • B.S., Computer Science, 1991
  • M.S., Computer Science, 1991