Medicinal Chemistry—BS

Discover a Challenging and Rewarding Career

Do you have an inquisitive mind? As a youngster, did you pester those around you with countless questions about science or seek out the answers yourself? Channel your curiosity and perseverance into a stimulating career in medicinal chemistry, and your contributions will go a long way in improving the quality of life for many. With a BS in Medicinal Chemistry from Michigan Tech, you will be prepared to apply your training in chemistry to the process of pharmaceutical synthesis and analysis.

"The pharmaceutical chemistry undergraduate degree program at Michigan Tech feels like a community: all of the students are close and always willing to help each other out."Jamie Spars, '21, Pharmaceutical Chemistry major

Medicinal chemists, or pharmaceutical chemists, work on multidisciplinary teams to formulate, test, and analyze drugs; conduct basic and applied research in chemistry to understand drug compounds; and develop guidelines for the US Food and Drug Administration, reviewing new drug applications from pharmaceutical companies and the processes used to create these substances.

One-of-a-Kind Program

Our degree program in medicinal chemistry will provide you with strong skills in modern chemical techniques, such as computer-aided drug design, and a thorough understanding of biomedical issues. You will explore the molecular basis of biological processes and drug action, as well as the health applications of compounds that affect living tissue.

Chemistry majors learn best in a lab setting. Our degree program will challenge you to reach far beyond classroom chemistry theory and rote experimentation—you’ll quickly learn your way around our advanced labs and equipment, with the majority of your time being spent on conducting research (independently and alongside faculty) and creatively exploring the real-world applications of biochemistry, drug design, computational chemistry, and more.

Career Pathways

Still considering your career options? Our degree program offers you the flexibility to change your postgraduation plans with ease, if you decide medicinal chemistry isn’t right for you. The strong grounding in fundamental chemistry concepts that you will gain provides adequate preparation for an array of chemistry careers.