Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to Chemistry, the Science at the Heart of our Physical World!

Students and faculty in the Chemistry Department investigate the behavior of atoms and molecules in their infinite variety.

Atoms make up our entire physical world from rocks to humans. Those atoms are in constant motion. Atoms and molecules combine and recombine to form the clouds in the sky, the trees in the forest, and the soil under our feet. Millions of molecules are being transformed within your cells every moment. This infinite dance of atoms and molecules through the living and non-living world is coupled with a flow of energy to keep the cycle going. Chemists study every aspect of that dance. Who are the players? How are they moving? Where did they come from and where are they going?

Chemistry contributes to the global Sustainable Development Goals through contributions to health and well-being, environmental protection, responsible use of materials, and climate stabilization. Our community further commits to gender and racial equity so everybody can contribute to improving our world through chemistry.

Chemists use modern instruments to track molecules in the laboratory and computer models to understand their behavior. They probe inside cells and zoom in on mineral surfaces to uncover molecular mysteries. They invent new molecules and new ways of making them.

We invite you to join us in exploring the exciting world of chemistry!