Giving Opportunities

Help Build The Future In Chemistry

Your generous gifts have a direct impact on the lives of students and faculty members. Monetary gifts of any size go toward creating advanced faculty-driven teaching and research laboratories with specialized equipment for hands-on, cutting-edge experiences for our undergraduate and graduate students.

Your gifts also enable professional development opportunities for students, faculty, and staff, as well as support new and innovative teaching and research programs. Your gift directly enhances the education of our students, providing tomorrow's chemists with the knowledge and resources necessary to be successful and focus on positively impacting society. 

Donor- and State-matching opportunities are available. Contact Athar Ata to explore ways your support can multiply—ensuring your gift has maximum impact.

The support of alumni and friends, like you, enables the excellence we seek. Thank you!

Give $1000 to Select Your Element

Do you have a favorite element? Claim that element on our Donor's Periodic Table when you make your gift of $1000 or more to any of the chemistry programs. If your element is taken, peruse the Donor's Periodic Table to select an available element to sponsor.

Select an Element

Periodic Table of the Elements


Giving Needs

We have highlighted funds that have a direct impact on student and department success. Your gift, big or small, will have a real impact on our amazing students and faculty. Thank you for your support!

Department of Chemistry

Please consider making your gift to the Department of Chemistry Fund. Your gift to the Department of Chemistry Fund supports immediate priorities and emerging opportunities at the discretion of the Department. Your gift can support any of our activities, including our undergraduate majors program, the graduate program, and faculty research.

Give to the Department of Chemistry Fund

Elements of Success

Give to the Elements of Success Fund to provide students, faculty, and staff professional development opportunities; support summer undergraduate and graduate research; and keep our labs up-to-date with the latest DNA/RNA Synthesizers, Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, and Optical Spectroscopy equipment, and to update and modernize laboratories for chemistry research and teaching in the 21st century.

Give to the Elements of Success Fund

Excellence in Graduate Education

Your gift to the Excellence in Graduate Education Fund supports research productivity and professional development activities for graduate students, including participation in professional conferences and workshops, and travel support.

Give to the Graduate Education Fund

Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Your gift to the Excellence in Undergraduate Education Fund provides our undergraduate students with opportunities to improve skills and knowledge via research, workshops, and conferences to gain valuable professional readiness.

Give to the Undergraduate Education Fund

Chemistry Learning Center

Your gift to the Chemistry Learning Center Fund impacts the greater Tech community. Funding helps to provide quality academic coaching for students across campus, in a comfortable, supportive learning environment. This service continues to have a substantial impact on student success and retention.

Give to the Chemistry Learning Center Fund