Friday Seminar Series

Spring 2022

Jan. 28


David Spivak

Webinar:  Molecularly Imprinted Polymers: The Matrix Revisited


Professor David A. Spivak

Adjunct Professor

Department of Chemistry

Louisiana State University

Jiangsu University

Feb. 18


Phillip Yangyuoro

Webinar:  The Mechanism of Action of the G-quadruplex Resolvase DHX36 on Nucleic Acid Structures


Dr. Phillip Yangyuoru

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Northern Michigan University

Feb. 25


Matthew Reuter

Webinar: Reconciling experiment and computation in electron transport studies


Dr. Matthew Reuter

Associate Professor of Practice

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics,

Institute for Advanced Computational Science

Stony Brook University

Mar. 18


Judith Perlinger

In Person: What Gets Measured Gets Managed: Analytical Chemistry Developments and the Recovery of Lake Superior from Historical PCB Contamination


Dr. Judith Perlinger

Professor Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering

Michigan Technological University

Mar. 25


Carlos Baiz

In Person: Measuring water dynamics in crowded, cell-like environments


Dr. Carlos Baiz

Associate Professor, W.T. Doherty Professorship in Chemistry,

Department of Chemistry

College of Natural Sciences

University of Texas at Austin

Apr. 1


Uri Samuni

Webinar: Progress in sol-gel based hybrid nanoparticles and applications


Dr. Uri Samuni, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Queens College, City University of New York

Apr. 8


Parisa Pour Shahid

In Person: 3D Printing of Conductive Nanocomposites and Their Biomedical Applications

Where: Chem-Sci 101

When: 3 p.m.


Dr. Parisa Pour Shahid Saeed Abadi

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Michigan Technological University

 Apr. 15


Xuefei Huang

In Person: Development of Next Generation Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines


Dr. Xuefei Huang (Organic Chemistry)

MSU Foundation Professor, and

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Associate Chair for Research

Michigan State University