Interdisciplinary Programs

a man wearing a lab coat pouring chemicals.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology—PhD

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program at Michigan Tech is where pioneering PhD students and expert faculty come together and seek answers to some of the world's most pressing problems. This interdisciplinary program—built on the strength of preexisting graduate programs in biological sciences, chemistry, and forest molecular genetics/biotechnology—provides students with the opportunity to focus on the study of biochemistry and molecular biology within a variety of subject areas.

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An atmosphere device

Atmospheric Sciences—PhD

The interdisciplinary PhD in Atmospheric Sciences provides students with an understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological processes affecting the atmosphere, as well as a foundation in the fundamentals of specific atmospheric systems. Students work with faculty spanning five departments, who incorporate expertise and research over multiple areas of emphasis, and contribute solutions to the most challenging atmospheric science questions of our day.

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A researcher working with water

Environmental Engineering—PhD

The PhD in Engineering (Environmental) is designed for the pursuit of advanced, interdisciplinary studies in environmental engineering. The professional discipline of environmental engineering seeks to improve and maintain the environment for the protection of human health, for the protection of nature’s beneficial ecosystems, and for the environment-related enhancement of the quality of human life.

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