First-Year Chemistry

What Chemistry Course Should I Take?

First-year students may be placed into a chemistry course by their home department prior to arriving at Michigan Tech, but this can be adjusted during orientation or within the first few weeks of class.

Students who have difficulty with introductory chemistry courses generally have weak math skills or have not taken chemistry for several years. The guidelines below can help you choose your first chemistry course. When selecting your course, consider the grades you earned in your last semester of high school chemistry and algebra, and the number of years since you last studied chemistry.

Guidelines for Chemistry Course Selection

Math Course Placement High School Chemistry and Algebra Grade Recommended Fall Chemistry Courses
MA1030 College Algebra I - CH1000^ Introductory Chemistry
MA1032 Precalculus < B CH1000^ Introductory Chemistry
MA1032 Precalculus ≥ B Required:
CH1150* University Chemistry 1 Lecture and
CH1151* University Chemistry 1 Laboratory

Recommended; required for some majors:
CH1153 University Chemistry 1 Recitation
^ CH1000 Introductory Chemistry is for students who didn't take chemistry in high school or want to review chemistry fundamentals before enrolling in University Chemistry 1.
* University Chemistry 1 requires a working knowledge of high school chemistry, proficiency in algebra, and good problem-solving skills.
Note: If three or more years have passed since taking high school chemistry, consider enrolling in CH1000 Introductory Chemistry

First-Year Chemistry Textbooks

We recommend that first-year students purchase their chemistry textbook(s) from the Campus Bookstore. We require a special package containing notes and an online code that you will not receive if you purchase your books through another source.


We're dedicated to helping you succeed in chemistry. Browse our frequently asked questions for answers to questions that you may have. The Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) is a valuable resource that we encourage you to explore. Students who participate in the CLC typically earn one-half to one full grade higher than students who don't. Contact us to learn more about the CLC and other chemistry advising resources available to first-year students:

Earning Advanced Placement Credit

Students who took the chemistry advanced placement test in high school can earn credits prior to coming to Michigan Tech. If you did not take the AP test but are interested in earning credits, refer to the CLEP exam information on our Admissions website.

Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of frequently asked questions is designed to assist first-year students in selecting an appropriate chemistry course. If you need additional assistance, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help: